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Game title: King's Quest: Mask of Eternity
Platform: Windows
List name: Other Games Owned
List description: This is a list of games I have in my possession that are not on my primary list either because they are not boxed, are in poor condition, not first-run original release editions, or may be in another format. This list includes digitally downloaded abandonwares, freeware games, registered shareware, games that I don't own the boxes/manuals for, games with missing components, functional games with badly damaged box/packaging, and anything else that doesn't meet my crtieria for my main list.

Most items on this list I will be willing to sell/trade when a criteria has been met - ie. I have obtained the original first-run release of the game and will then sell the re-released version, or I obtain a game in better condition than the one listed, or one that isn't missing a piece that a listed game is. However, please feel free to enquire about any of my games available for trade as I am always open to reasonable offers.
Willing to Trade: Yes
Comments: DVD Case Edition

Condition of Game

Condition Location Comments
Box/Packaging Near Mint