Andy Voss

Game Details

Game title: Epic Pinball
Platform: DOS
List name: owned games
List description: This is a (probably incomplete) list of games which I have purchased. I grew up poor, so I had to get most of my games the more popular, less legitimate way ;). But I'll add new games from time to time, except for OEM games bundled with video cards and such.

NOTE: I can provide further info on the games, but please do NOT ask for free copies of the games themselves. Try your luck with an "abandonware" site. If you want to buy or trade a game, email me: xprojected(a)yahoo,com
Willing to Trade: Yes
Comments: Registered packs 1&2 (version 1.1, Nov 1993), disks + printed B/W manual, and later 3 (version 2.0, May 1994), disks + glossy color manual.

Condition of Game

Condition Location Comments
Original Media Fine    
Manual Fine    
Reference Card Very Good