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Julian McKenzie

List Name: My Games
Description: Hopefully a complete list of all my PC games.

Games in List
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Game Titlesorted in ascending orderWill TradeComments
DOS (22 games total)
OutRunNoOn hard disc only
A-TrainNoOn hard disc only
Maniac Mansion: Day of the TentacleNo"The White Label" Lucasarts budget title. Discs.
Championship Manager 2No
Championship Manager: Season 97/98No
Command & ConquerNoBundled in shop with Covert Ops
Command & Conquer: The Covert OperationsNoBundled in shop with C&C
Strike CommanderNoOn same CD as Syndicate Plus, Wing Commander 2 and Pagan: Ultima VIII
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the KilrathiNoOn same CD as Strike Commander, Syndicate Plus and Pagan: Ultima VIII
Pagan: Ultima VIIINoOn same CD as Strike Commander, Syndicate Plus and Wing Commander 2.
Gold of the Americas: The Conquest of the New WorldNo5.25" discs. Copy on 3.5" disc
Grand Prix CircuitNoCopy on disc
BipBop IINoOn cover disc
Dark Sun: Shattered LandsNoDiscs
Lamborghini: American ChallengeNoCopy (P). Discs
F40 Pursuit SimulatorNoOn hard disc only
Jetsons in By George, in Trouble Again, TheNoOn hard disc only
Theme ParkNoDiscs
Star Wars: Dark ForcesNo"The White Label" Lucasarts budget title
Pizza TycoonNoOn hard disc only
Windows (13 games total)
Leisure Suit Larry's CasinoNo
Theme HospitalNoCopy
Populous: The BeginningNoCopy (P)
Starship TitanicNo
Grand Theft AutoNo
Warcraft II: Battle ChestNoInc. Warcraft 2 and Beyond The Dark Portal as well as a free spell guide
DiabloNoCopy (P)
RollerCoaster TycoonNoOriginal box with money off voucher for theme parks
Sid Meier's Civilization IINoOn hard disc only
SubSpaceNoOn hard disc only
Quest for Glory V: Dragon FireNoCopy (P). Inc. saved Paladin character
Grim FandangoNo
Windows 3.x (3 games total)
SimAnt: The Electronic Ant ColonyNoOn hard disc only
Block BreakerNoOn cover disc
Amazon SkullsNoOn cover disc