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    All the games I own in playable form

      List description: I own working CDs, cartridges, cards, disks and in a few cases licenses of every game on this list. I have not included my non-working games or games for which I have parts of (manual, box, etc...) mobygames doesn't have all the games I own listed yet, so i have listed these titles in the comment area next to the alphabetically first game for that system. For instance, I don't own dozes of copies of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cartridge for Intellivision (just one). Likewise, I own no 3DO games at all. Also, some of my games have a different title than their mobygames listing, sort of a DragonWarrior/DragonQuest thing. I have listed the title shown on my game in the comments area. If this is too confusing, just remember; I don't want any title listed in the left or right columns

      General Information: There are 2159 games entered into this list, 5 of which zerothis is willing to trade.

    My Trade List

      List description: I have many games stored in several places. While I devote a inordinate amount of time maintaining this list, I admit that it is probably not 100% accurate.

      General Information: There are 89 games entered into this list, 86 of which zerothis is willing to trade.

    primary media missing

      List description: Boxes. instructions, catalogs, reg cards, or generally anything except the game itself. Primarily for trading.

      General Information: There are 3 games entered into this list, 2 of which zerothis is willing to trade.

Want Lists

    Your Want List

      List Description: This is your list for keeping track of which games you want.

      General Information: There are 72 games entered into this list.