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3-DemonDOS"A good implementation of a challenging concept -- with great gameplay to boot!"Feb 09, 2000
4-D BoxingDOS"No other PC game has captured the feel of boxing as well as 4D Boxing."Sep 17, 1999
The 7th GuestDOS"Technologically groundbreaking, but mentally frustrating."Jul 09, 2001
Adventures in MathDOS"A great use for an old computer."Mar 17, 1999
AirballDOS"Insidiously fun."Mar 17, 1999
The Ancient Art of WarDOS"AAOW was way ahead of its time."Mar 05, 1999
Archon: The Light and the DarkPC Booter"A great alternative to chess for those strategically-impared."Mar 17, 1999
AxiaDOS"Over two years in the making, this game rocks!"Mar 21, 2000
Bad Street BrawlerDOS"Mismatched gameplay."Sep 26, 1999
BananoidDOS"What do you expect from a technology demo?"Jun 21, 2000
BarbarianDOS"An idiotic control system."Oct 01, 1999
BattlezonePC Booter"Relive the first first-person shooter in a surprisingly faithful reproduction of the original arcade game."Jan 07, 2000
BlockoutDOS"The Tetris innovation to beat."Jan 07, 2000
Bop'N WrestleDOS"Fun, but only if you can master the controls and overlook a glaring problem."Mar 17, 1999
Bruce LeePC Booter"A challenge for platform die-hards."Feb 28, 2000
Bumble PlotDOS"Not appropriate for children of the 1990s."Oct 01, 1999
CarmageddonDOS"One hell of a stress-reliever. Forbidden, sinful fun."Nov 02, 1999
ChaserWindows"One of the few games I have actually thrown away."Nov 21, 2004
The Chessmaster 3000DOS"A well-rounded chess game suitable for everyone."Mar 17, 1999
Chuck Yeager's Air CombatDOS"One of the most perfect air-combat sims ever made."May 06, 1999
Commander Keen 1: Marooned on MarsDOS"Console-quality graphics and gameplay on a regular PC!"Oct 05, 1999
ConquestPC Booter"A cute clone of Joust."Feb 23, 1999
Cosmic CrusaderPC Booter"Clean, classic arcade shooter fun."Mar 18, 1999
Crazy CarsDOS"Simple and fun arcade racing for simple machines."Jan 24, 2000
CrossfirePC Booter"An addictive and fun exercise of your reflexes."Mar 18, 1999
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