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4x4 EvoWindows"Offroad racing not as attractive as it first seems"Mar 30, 2005
Abrams Battle TankDOS"Not a really a sim, but not arcade either, definitely weird mixture"Nov 23, 2001
Airborne RangerDOS"The earliest tactical shooter still holds up today"Nov 24, 2000
Airport TycoonWindows"When the 3D view has nothing to do with the 2D view, this tycoon title can't be that good..."May 26, 2004
Alarm for Cobra 11: NitroWindows"Decent graphics, decent handling, time limit too tight"Apr 28, 2013
American McGee presents Bad Day LAWindows"This is not a game, this is a satire as a game"Aug 11, 2007
ATAC: The Secret War Against DrugsDOS"Tried for too much too far ahead of its time"Nov 18, 2000
ATCsimulatorWindows"Perhaps TOO realistic... It's not that much fun"Nov 23, 2001
Autobahn TotalWindows"A version of Outrun, without any part of the fun!"Apr 04, 2005
Babylon 5: Shadow WarsWindows"Well, it's the only official B5 game ever"Apr 07, 2005
Battle Chess II: Chinese ChessDOS"Once the novelty wears off... It's not too bad, but one glaring rules omission ruins it"Jul 06, 2001
Battlecruiser Millennium (Gold Edition)Windows"Too much and too dynamic, absolutely overwhelming for most gamers"Apr 21, 2004
BattlezoneWindows"Mixture of first person shooter and strategy too early for its time"Nov 28, 2000
Boss RallyWindows"The worst racer I've ever played"Sep 28, 2003
Capitalism PlusWindows"Economy sim very reminiscent of original Railroad Tycoon"Apr 06, 2005
Colin McRae RallyWindows"Rally game no longer state of the art"Nov 28, 2000
Colin McRae Rally 2.0Windows"Nice rally game, but the console roots are a bit too obvious"Apr 21, 2004
Crimson SkiesWindows"A lot of fun, a lot of shooting, but the stunt flying parts can leave you frustrated"Jan 10, 2002
Crisis Team: Ambulance DriverWindows"Lousiest driving game I've EVER played, I swear"Jul 21, 2004
CTU: Marine SharpshooterWindows"Alternative realistic shooter tries to be different, but falls short in several ways"Jun 12, 2004
Delta Force 2Windows"Great terrain, great graphics, lousy gameplay"Nov 07, 2005
Delta Force: Task Force DaggerWindows"New things don't add much to the game, if at all"Apr 30, 2005
Descent: Freespace - Battle PackWindows"Cheap intro to the Freespace universe, and what fun it is!"Dec 05, 2000
Descent: Freespace - The Great WarWindows"Watch out, Wing Commander!"Sep 08, 2001
DiabloWindows"Simple, repetitive, yet addictive"Aug 22, 2001
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