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4th & InchesAmiga"Laughable compared to TV Sports and Madden; generally primitive"Jun 18, 2004
Action FighterZX Spectrum"A good conversion of an entertaining little game"Aug 31, 2004
Alter EgoDOS"Better than life?"Nov 14, 2005
ApidyaAmiga"An inventive and enjoyable, if over-rated, rival to Project X"Jun 20, 2004
Auf Wiedersehen MontyZX Spectrum"The high watermark of Spectrum platform games"Aug 17, 2006
AwesomeAmiga"Essentially lives up to its name"Feb 28, 2004
Battle ChessDOS"Chess for people who don't like chess"Mar 12, 2004
BlockbusterAmiga"A advance on Arkanoid, but not a big enough one"Sep 22, 2004
Bob's Full HouseCommodore 64"A third-rate version of a second-rate quiz show"Sep 28, 2005
Bomb JackZX Spectrum"A truly classic arcade game brought to life superbly"Sep 03, 2004
Bomb Jack IIZX Spectrum"A completely ill-conceived sequel, with none of the thrills of the original"Oct 12, 2004
Brutal Sports FootballAmiga"A fun variation on computer sports, and worth checking out"May 17, 2004
Coryoon: Child of DragonTurboGrafx-16"A great shoot 'em up that too few Westerners have played"Jul 06, 2005
Crash Powertape September 1991ZX Spectrum"Bobby Yazz is fun at first, but soon becomes infuriating"Nov 13, 2004
DeathchaseZX Spectrum"One of the most thrilling and exciting games of the day"Aug 31, 2004
Demon AttackAtari 2600"Simplistic and unexciting, even by 1982 standards"Jul 08, 2004
EarthSiege 2Windows 3.x"A good game that brought the Earthsiege story forward"Dec 18, 2006
FIFA International SoccerAmiga"A useless conversion of an over-rated game"Jul 17, 2004
Forgotten WorldsAmiga"Good once you get the hang of it, but not the best home version"Oct 31, 2004
Full ThrottleZX Spectrum"Pretty good for its day, but not the Spectrum's best bike game"Sep 12, 2004
Goal!Amiga"The best of Kick Off 2 combined with some good bits from Sensible"Mar 02, 2004
GodsAmiga"'Impressive' but not very much fun, I've always seen this as over-rated"Sep 25, 2004
Grand Monster SlamAmiga"A classy game with a character and originality all of its own"Jan 09, 2005
Grand Prix 3Windows"Perhaps not the massive leap it could've been, but a stunning simulation all the same"Feb 24, 2004
Grand Prix IIDOS"The sun always shines on Geoff Crammond"Feb 23, 2004
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