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Airborne RangerDOS"I wanna be an Airborne Ranger! I wanna live a life of danger!"Jul 05, 2004
Bad Street BrawlerDOS"Ridiculous game. As in ridiculously bad."Aug 04, 2003
The Black CauldronDOS"A well-crafted adventure with an innovative interface."Apr 03, 2004
Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA PlayoffsGenesis"A fairly average basketball game, but a lot better than its prequel"Apr 06, 2006
California GamesDOS"This radical game is totally awesome dude!"May 25, 2003
Command & Conquer: Red AlertWindows"A Hollywood blockbuster for the masses."Oct 04, 2001
The Cycles: International Grand Prix RacingDOS"An accessible motorbike game with a novel camera view"Jul 03, 2003
DeathtrackDOS"Move over punk! Here is the Roadwarrior."Jul 19, 2001
Escape from DeliriumDOS"Ouch... awful writing!"Dec 27, 2001
FaceOff!DOS"Basic hockey game with breakthrough graphics."Jul 31, 2001
Fire & Forget IIDOS"Fire and Forgettable: Cheap Deaths Galore!"Apr 05, 2004
Fire PowerDOS"It takes two to enjoy Firepower"Jul 26, 2003
Golden AxeDOS"The king of a dead genre"Jun 12, 2001
Golden Axe IIGenesis"More of the same but with less impressive graphics"Sep 04, 2008
Golden Axe IIIGenesis"A solid medieval beat 'em-up and the best of the series"Oct 30, 2010
Grand Prix CircuitDOS"Classic Formula 1 game from the days of Senna & Prost"Jul 03, 2003
Grand Theft AutoWindows"Cool, original, frustrating and unsatisfying at the same time."Nov 29, 2004
Harley-Davidson: The Road to SturgisDOS"Weird “RPG-ish” bike trip."Jul 24, 2001
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomDOS"One of the weaker Indiana Jones games."Apr 03, 2004
Interstate '76Windows"This is one helluvah game! You dig?"Oct 08, 2003
Interstate '76: Nitro PackWindows"The absence of a story line really hurts this game."May 15, 2002
Jewel QuestWindows"Initially addictive, but too repetitive to keep me interested"Nov 26, 2008
Joe Montana FootballGenesis"A fun game for those new to American Football."Feb 14, 2006
Jordan vs Bird: One on OneDOS"It’s better than an air ball, but definitely not a 3-pointer."Feb 03, 2002
Kings of the BeachDOS"The only playable v-ball game I know."May 15, 2001
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