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1701 A.D.Windows"Must be one of the most stupid concepts in RTS warfare..."Jan 03, 2008
5 Days a StrangerWindows"An AGS freeware adventure game BETTER than "todays" commercial adventure games!"Jul 07, 2004
Age of Empires IIIWindows"Show me an AOE fan that actually likes AOE 3? I didn't think so."Dec 28, 2005
Age of MythologyWindows"The undisputed Age of Empires III"Feb 27, 2003
Ahriman's ProphecyWindows"A freeware RPG with potential but poor planning"Aug 16, 2004
The Ancient Art of War at SeaDOS"Say hello to the Great Great Great Greaaaat Grandfather of all Pirates!"May 03, 2003
The Ancient Art of WarDOS"Barbarians kill Archers, Archers kill Knights, Knights kill Barbarians. The forefather of all war-based strategy games!"May 03, 2003
ApprenticeWindows"A short (and unfinished) but extremely beautiful little AGS freeware adventure game"Jul 12, 2004
Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick ObscuraWindows"Almost PERFECT...if it weren't for those dang BUGS!"Mar 07, 2004
Arctic BaronDOS"You really got to respect creativity of developers sometimes..."Jan 16, 2004
ArcticfoxDOS"A futuristic Tank Simulation introduced ahead-of-its-time-techniques"Jun 15, 2003
Bandit Kings of Ancient ChinaDOS"What do you mean 27 years? There's a time limit? Aaaaaahhhhh...."Aug 03, 2003
The Bard's TalePlayStation 2"Right Script and Acting, Wrong Game"Aug 03, 2007
Beneath a Steel SkyDOS"Guybrush Threepwood would LOVE this game!"Jan 19, 2004
BioForgeDOS"Overlooked, under-rated and un-explored"Aug 17, 2003
Black & WhiteWindows"One step closer to 3D reality...and God-Hood"Dec 15, 2003
Black & White 2Windows"I'm sure it wasn't the developer's fault..."Dec 28, 2005
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainPlayStation"The B E S T Vampire game in existence. Pure evil! Muahahahahahahaha!"Jul 08, 2003
Bouncing BabiesDOS"Boing...boing...boing...splat! (oops!)"Feb 19, 2004
BushidoDOS"Bushido is the Legendary ancestor of all PC Ninja Fighting action games!"Jun 14, 2003
Bust a Groove 2PlayStation""You GOTTA see the moves of this here baby!!!""Jan 12, 2004
Caesar IVWindows"Caesar just died, by Jupiter!"Jan 31, 2007
Cobra MissionDOS"The pillar of future anime-based games. A legend among legends."Feb 27, 2003
Corporate Raider: The Pirate of Wall St.DOS"Interesting simulation, bad game"Aug 16, 2004
Cossacks: European WarsWindows"Almost real! Mass anarchy of battle clashes. A combination of Age of Empires and Shogun:Total War."Apr 18, 2002
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