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007: The World is Not EnoughPlayStation"O.K. Attempt by Electronic Arts to make a game as good as Goldeneye 007."Nov 05, 2001
4D Prince of PersiaDOS"A Good Remake of the Original PoP"Dec 13, 2001
CastlevaniaDOS"Not scary, not original, not fun, not good, very bad."Jun 24, 2002
ClawWindows"An action-adventure that will leave you sitting at your PC for hours!"Aug 24, 2001
Command & Conquer: Red AlertDOS"The Windows Version is great, the DOS version is downright ugly."Mar 16, 2002
Command & Conquer (Special Gold Edition)Windows"At last a REAL Real-time game!"Sep 30, 2001
Cosmo's Cosmic AdventureDOS"The cutest, funniest and weirdest game on planet earth."Nov 05, 2001
Crash BandicootPlayStation"The Original & The Best!"May 17, 2002
The Curse of Monkey IslandWindows"Yikes, I turned the woman I love into a gold statue!"Apr 04, 2002
Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate's Hideout!DOS"Neat little 72 KB game."Nov 05, 2001
Dangerous Dave in the Haunted MansionDOS"It's Good, It's Bad... I Can't Decide, I'll Just Say It's Downright Cool!"Nov 05, 2001
Dangerous Dave's Risky RescueDOS"Extremely Saddening Sequel to the first 2 amazing Platformers."Nov 09, 2001
Dead or Alive 2PlayStation 2"Dead or Alive 3 is better, but this game is still a fantastic experience!"May 03, 2002
Dead or Alive 3Xbox"The best Xbox to date, and very possibly the best fighting game ever."Mar 18, 2002
Delta ForceWindows"A Great FPS!"Nov 05, 2001
DriverWindows"Huge Areas, High Speed, and 3 Cities."Aug 31, 2001
The Duel: Test Drive IIDOS"Not a good game! But still better than it's prequel!"May 02, 2002
Duke NukemDOS"A great game with a few flaws."Aug 22, 2001
Duke Nukem IIDOS"We gave Duke another chance, and he delivered quite a good game."Oct 28, 2001
Escape from Monkey IslandWindows"A great game that is bound to please any adventure gamer!"Aug 24, 2001
FIFA 2000Game Boy Color"Fifa 98 and 2001 are way better."Sep 27, 2001
FIFA International SoccerDOS"An absolutely terrible game, with not even one good point... "Jul 04, 2002
FIFA Soccer 2003Windows"Try to compare Fifa 2002 to this, you'll notice to many flaws in the previous edition."May 10, 2003
Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch ShellWindows"Neat little game, if you don't mind the fact that it has been directed at a younger audience."Dec 15, 2001
God of ThunderDOS"A game that even beats Zelda: Link's Awakening!"Aug 23, 2001
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