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Game Titlesorted in ascending orderPlatformOne LinerReview Date
SolitareDOS"More addictive than you would initially imagine."Aug 11, 2001
Stunt Track RacerDOS"Brilliant technical presentation on modest hardware."Feb 06, 2000
Rocket RangerDOS"The quintesential Cinemaware game--they finally got everything right."Mar 22, 1999
Shadow WarriorDOS"Wang Bang! A surprisingly fun game despite outdated technology."Nov 07, 1999
CarmageddonDOS"One hell of a stress-reliever. Forbidden, sinful fun."Nov 02, 1999
CyberGenic Ranger: Secret of the Seventh PlanetDOS"All the production values of a B-movie, but without any of the cheezy fun."Apr 19, 2000
MotocrossDOS"The first motocross simulation to take the sport seriously."Jul 15, 2000
VirtuosoDOS"I'm astounded this game made it out the door."May 10, 1999
Bumble PlotDOS"Not appropriate for children of the 1990s."Oct 01, 1999
Crazy CarsDOS"Simple and fun arcade racing for simple machines."Jan 24, 2000
F40 Pursuit SimulatorDOS"A major disappointment in the history of the series."Jan 24, 2000
Mortal KombatDOS"A near-perfect translation of the arcade game."Dec 23, 1999
DeathtrackDOS"Mad Max on wheels."Jun 23, 2000
ScreamerDOS"Raucous arcade racing fun."Dec 28, 1999
NovatronDOS"Giddy fun for honing your twitch reflexes."May 24, 2000
Adventures in MathDOS"A great use for an old computer."Mar 17, 1999
Commander Keen 1: Marooned on MarsDOS"Console-quality graphics and gameplay on a regular PC!"Oct 05, 1999
OutRunDOS"A faithful conversion of the popular arcade racing game."Mar 22, 1999
DOOM IIDOS"More. More Doom. More."Oct 02, 1999
The Cycles: International Grand Prix RacingDOS"A clean but unbalanced racing sim."Apr 13, 1999
Golden AxeDOS"A good visual conversion of flawed gameplay."Sep 28, 1999
Wing CommanderDOS"A worthy start to a long and successful series."Apr 27, 1999
Death SwordDOS"You can thank Death Sword for MobyGames."Mar 16, 2000
3-DemonDOS"A good implementation of a challenging concept -- with great gameplay to boot!"Feb 09, 2000
NovastormDOS"Don't let the term 'Interactive Movie' throw you -- this is a very good shooter."Sep 24, 1999
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