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Choplifter!Apple II"Choplifter is a very well done hostage rescue game"Jul 24, 2003
AutoDuelApple II"Autoduel is a fun action RPG for the road rage in all of us."Aug 09, 2003
CrossfireApple II"Crossfire is a fairly challenging shooter that will sharpen your hit-and-run tactics."Aug 22, 2003
FroggerApple II"An arcade game conversion with no redeeming qualities."Jul 24, 2003
Escape from RungistanApple II"Escape from Rungistan is inferior in every way to other adventure games of its time."Apr 07, 2006
Expedition AmazonApple II"This is a flawed game ruined by irritating random events and too many death traps."Sep 07, 2003
DefenderApple II"The Apple II version of Defender had none of the appeal of the arcade game."Aug 09, 2003
FalconsApple II"An extremely difficult clone of the arcade game Phoenix"Jul 03, 2003
Castle WolfensteinApple II"Castle Wolfenstein is a classic action game of stealth, fighting and exploration."Jul 03, 2003
SwordThrustApple II"SwordThrust is a good text RPG but would have been much better if there had been more adventure modules to play."Aug 23, 2003
SwashbucklerApple II"A fun and difficult game of swordplay"Jul 03, 2003
Yars' RevengeAtari 2600"Yars' Revenge is a fun twist on the Kill the Fortress-type games"Aug 22, 2003
Wizard's CrownDOS"A fantastic combat, magic, and character development system make this one of the best RPG's of the 80's."Nov 29, 2000
Ancient Domains of MysteryDOS"ADOM is one of the best of the rogue-like games."Apr 16, 2002
Stuart Smith's Adventure Construction SetDOS"A good construction set bundled with a good stand-alone game"Nov 28, 2000
BureaucracyDOS"An interesting and funny game concept is very frustrating in practice due to the difficulty of the puzzles and the lack of direction in the game"Aug 16, 2003
Classic Text Adventure MasterpiecesDOS"Good games, Bad packaging"Apr 25, 2001
AutoDuelDOS"A great combination of role-playing and arcade action"Nov 29, 2000
Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of ErathiaLinux"The Linux release is a good port of the Windows release, with the exception of network play"May 03, 2001
Gauntlet: LegendsPlayStation"A game that is too easy and one-dimensional to be worthy of the Gauntlet name"Apr 26, 2001
Freedom ForceWindows"An action-packed romp through a 1960's comic book world."Apr 04, 2002
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of SteelWindows"A fun combination of RPG and strategy that is marred by a general lack of polish"Apr 26, 2001
Sins of a Solar EmpireWindows"Sins is a unique and innovative RTS/4x hybrid that combines the best elements of both genres into a great game."Apr 11, 2008
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play the WorldWindows"Civ 3 Play the World has good ideas, but lousy implementation"Nov 20, 2002
Diablo II: Lord of DestructionWindows"Lord of Destruction improves upon the original D2 in almost every way imaginable and brings a lot more replayability to the game."Jul 15, 2001
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