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Game Titlesorted in ascending orderPlatformOne LinerReview Date
SkyfoxApple II"Fast and furious action for its time, simply amazing, but can be repetitive"Sep 25, 2003
F-19 Stealth FighterDOS"The old classic hasn't quite been equaled since..."Jan 15, 2002
Abrams Battle TankDOS"Not a really a sim, but not arcade either, definitely weird mixture"Nov 23, 2001
Faces ...tris IIIDOS"Not as charming as Tetris or even Welltris"Nov 23, 2000
Wing Commander: PrivateerDOS"A fine "Elite" derivative, with all the WC flavor intact"Aug 23, 2001
Battle Chess II: Chinese ChessDOS"Once the novelty wears off... It's not too bad, but one glaring rules omission ruins it"Jul 06, 2001
Wing CommanderDOS"An excellent example where the sum is greater than all the parts"Nov 24, 2000
Star Wars: X-WingDOS"Space combat sim with a hint of 3D puzzle and a great background"Dec 17, 2000
Nova 9: The Return of Gir DraxonDOS"A first-person puzzle? Gimme a break!"Dec 19, 2000
Sentinel Worlds I: Future MagicDOS"A lot of RPG for its days, even if it is a bit repetitive"Aug 13, 2004
Red Storm RisingDOS"Still the standard for submarine simulations"Nov 28, 2000
Wing Commander III: Heart of the TigerDOS"Bigger, but not that much better."May 30, 2001
Airborne RangerDOS"The earliest tactical shooter still holds up today"Nov 24, 2000
Terra Nova: Strike Force CentauriDOS"One of the forgotten classics..."Jul 06, 2001
HackerDOS"It's the novelty factor that gets you... The rest is trial-and-error"Dec 16, 2000
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the KilrathiDOS"Worthy successor, improved in almost every way, but STILL no multi-play"Dec 16, 2000
X-COM: Terror from the DeepDOS"My initial impression was borne out by later reviews..."Nov 05, 2001
F-15 Strike Eagle IIDOS"Too simplified this time around, it's no longer a sim!"Dec 19, 2000
Gunship 2000DOS"One of the most amazing simulations for its time, command AND fly/fight!"May 30, 2004
ATAC: The Secret War Against DrugsDOS"Tried for too much too far ahead of its time"Nov 18, 2000
Kings of the BeachDOS"Probably the ONLY Beach Volleyball game..."May 16, 2001
WhiplashDOS"Lots of fun on the crazy tracks where timing is everything"Nov 28, 2000
X-COM: ApocalypseDOS"Probably the only playable real-time tactical combat game..."Jun 07, 2001
Star Fleet I: The War Begins!DOS"Extremely repetitive, only good for nostalgia's sake"May 14, 2001
Stellar 7DOS"The remake was not bad, but the power-ups made it too easy"May 16, 2001
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