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Stellar 7DOS"Good futuristic tank game with 3D graphics"May 14, 2003
FaceOff!DOS"Basic hockey game with breakthrough graphics."Jul 31, 2001
Star WarsDOS"The Force arrives on the PC"Aug 04, 2003
NBA Jam Tournament EditionDOS"Very arcade"Jul 19, 2001
The Black CauldronDOS"A well-crafted adventure with an innovative interface."Apr 03, 2004
Nobunaga's AmbitionDOS"Quite a good game, if you manage to survive the first few turns, that is."Feb 26, 2002
Escape from DeliriumDOS"Ouch... awful writing!"Dec 27, 2001
Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA PlayoffsDOS"My first love."Jun 03, 2001
World Class Leader BoardDOS"I couldn't believe my own ears!"May 27, 2003
Fire PowerDOS"It takes two to enjoy Firepower"Jul 26, 2003
Jordan vs Bird: One on OneDOS"It’s better than an air ball, but definitely not a 3-pointer."Feb 03, 2002
Harley-Davidson: The Road to SturgisDOS"Weird “RPG-ish” bike trip."Jul 24, 2001
Golden AxeDOS"The king of a dead genre"Jun 12, 2001
PrehistorikDOS"Colourful post-mario platformer with several fun reducing features"Nov 30, 2003
Warcraft II: Tides of DarknessDOS"Warcraft II has aged well"Jun 01, 2001
Magic Carpet 2: The NetherworldsDOS"Mixed feelings about a magic carpet ride"Jan 22, 2001
Grand Prix CircuitDOS"Classic Formula 1 game from the days of Senna & Prost"Jul 03, 2003
Terra Nova: Strike Force CentauriDOS"A great squad-based combat game with just one problem"Jul 19, 2001
Airborne RangerDOS"I wanna be an Airborne Ranger! I wanna live a life of danger!"Jul 05, 2004
Stargoose WarriorDOS"Feels more like a tech demo than a real game"Jul 08, 2003
Street Sports BasketballDOS"Simple but fun"May 06, 2002
VolfiedDOS"If I could only keep my cool.."Jun 05, 2001
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomDOS"One of the weaker Indiana Jones games."Apr 03, 2004
Kings of the BeachDOS"The only playable v-ball game I know."May 15, 2001
William Shatner's TekWarDOS"Another one of those BAD merchandising games."May 09, 2005
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