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AmbermoonAmiga"Amiga's RPG king"Mar 04, 2014
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the FathersDOS"Nobody does voodoo like you do"Aug 20, 2003
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. IDOS"One game to find them, and to lack of levels bind them"Oct 03, 2014
Space Quest V: The Next MutationDOS"Janitorial romance"Jun 14, 2001
Quest for Glory II: Trial by FireDOS"One Thousand and One Details"Feb 03, 2003
Quest for Glory III: Wages of WarDOS"Most benevolent, non-violent, ultraviolet!"Feb 03, 2003
Ultima VI: The False ProphetDOS"To be very impressed! To think it is great!"Mar 07, 2004
Death GateDOS"Interactive fiction at its peak"Jul 05, 2008
CountdownDOS"Technologically impressive, yet lacking as an adventure game"Oct 07, 2014
The DigDOS"Not sure if I can dig it"Nov 27, 2003
Star Control IIDOS"Greetings, puny humans! We are Toys for Bob, and we know how to make you addicted!"Sep 09, 2013
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic AdventureDOS"Works as a licensed game, but weak by LucasArts adventure standards"Sep 20, 2001
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeDOS"Can a spitting contest help overcome relationship problems?"Aug 21, 2003
Knights of XentarDOS"Nothing satisfying here except humorous writing"Jul 15, 2003
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone TomorrowDOS"King's Quest For Grown-Ups"Apr 25, 2008
The Elder Scrolls: Chapter II - DaggerfallDOS"Where wereboars visit endless cities on sleepless nights"Dec 15, 2011
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight MysteryDOS"Grandma, why are your teeth so big?.."Sep 01, 2003
The Secret of Monkey IslandDOS"I would become a pirate just to be able to play this game"Aug 20, 2003
Ultima VII: Part Two - Serpent IsleDOS"Paving the path to the great RPG revival"Mar 24, 2004
AlbionDOS"Dsarii-ma, strangers!"Dec 30, 2011
Superhero League of HobokenDOS"The only game that allows you to see the contents of a pizza box without opening it"Apr 21, 2010
Ultima V: Warriors of DestinyDOS"An air of greatness doth surround thee..."Feb 23, 2004
LoomDOS"Limited musicality"Aug 22, 2003
Space Quest III: The Pirates of PestulonDOS"Have a Monolith Burger before Arnoid catches you!"Jun 14, 2001
Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge LizardsDOS"Lecherous loser launches ludicrous liaisons!"Aug 19, 2003
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