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Their Finest Hour: The Battle of BritainDOS"A simple, but very fun WWII Flight sim"Apr 06, 2000
1942: The Pacific Air WarDOS"For the more serious simulator fan, an enjoyable tour of duty in the skies over the Pacific Theatre"Jul 09, 2001
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the FathersDOS"Gabriel Knight is proof that computer games can be an artform."Apr 04, 2000
James Clavell's ShogunDOS"Perhaps the oddest game to take 16th century Japan seriously."Jun 26, 2000
Renegade: Battle for Jacob's StarDOS"Sometimes its best to stay with an original concept."Apr 10, 2000
Full ThrottleDOS"Yet another fine addition to the LucasArts library of adventure games."Apr 04, 2000
Dracula UnleashedDOS"A surprisingly decent, if frustrating, interactive movie game."Apr 05, 2000
DarklandsDOS"A realistic historical CRPG that could've revolutionized the industry."Mar 24, 2000
Wargame Construction SetDOS"Such an open ended Computer Wargame Kit still doesn't exist."Apr 07, 2000
Renegade Legion: InterceptorDOS"A fun, faithful adaptation of the board game about space dogfighting."Apr 10, 2000
SorcerianDOS"A console-ported RPG with some arcade qualities"Mar 28, 2000
KaratekaDOS"A classic that demonstrates how well a story can be told with no words. "Apr 04, 2000
Pool of RadianceDOS"The proud progenitor of the infamous AD&D Gold Box series"Apr 11, 2000
Pagan: Ultima VIIIDOS"The Avatar loses his virtues as he goes the route of action hero."Mar 23, 2000
Sword of the SamuraiDOS"Like a superb blade, beautiful in its simple effectiveness"Mar 24, 2000
Half-Life: Opposing ForceWindows"Another facet of a gem."Aug 11, 2000
DarkstoneWindows"Diablo 3-D"Mar 31, 2000
People's GeneralWindows"A good hypothetical conflict wrapped around a classic engine."Mar 29, 2000
DiabloWindows"A graphical NetHack for the 90's"Mar 29, 2000
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixWindows"A highly realistic, deadly shooter that may not be for every deathmatch player."Mar 31, 2000
Shogun: Total WarWindows"The definitive game of samurai warfare...or tactical medieval warfare in general."Jun 26, 2000
Commandos: Behind Enemy LinesWindows"Don't be fooled...this is a puzzle game, not a war game."Mar 31, 2000
The SimsWindows"A cult-favorite People Simulator fun for an entire family."Mar 24, 2000
Star Wars: RebellionWindows"Few games can live up to their Star Wars title, especially those with clunky interfaces."Mar 29, 2000