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Game TitlePlatformsorted in descending orderOne LinerReview Date
Prince of PersiaWindows"Understanding Prince of Persia 2008 "Jan 21, 2009
Legacy of Kain: DefianceWindows"The saga that redefined "plot twist" comes back with a fancy combat system and a few controversial features."Jan 25, 2004
Silent HillPlayStation"The most scary experience ever... and I can back up that statement"Jun 12, 2003
Silent Hill 2: Restless DreamsWindows"The greatest story ever told"Jun 04, 2003
Metal Gear Solid 2: SubstanceWindows"The game that has IT ALL."Dec 09, 2003
Max PayneWindows"The first of a kind. Max Payne is just a must-have."Nov 15, 2003
Metro 2033Windows"Real wastelands don't have no fancy Cola drinks"Feb 09, 2011
OniWindows"Probably the most entertaining game I ever played"Jul 16, 2003
American McGee's AliceWindows"Lewis Carroll goes all goth n' gore."Nov 20, 2003
Aliens Versus Predator 2Windows"It's like playing the Aliens movie, with a special guest star..."Nov 19, 2003
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max PayneWindows"Is the glass half empty or is it half full?"Dec 11, 2003
Silent Hill: HomecomingWindows"Silent Hill goes to Hollywood"Jan 28, 2009
The SufferingWindows"Silent Hill 2 meets Max Payne. And, against all odds, it works."Jul 06, 2006
Dino Crisis 2Windows"I hate this game... so why can't I stop playing it?"Sep 15, 2003
Alone in the Dark: The New NightmareWindows"Horror/Survival game... Alas, the separation between both is *too* clear."Dec 30, 2002
Clive Barker's UndyingWindows"Haunting atmosphere, interesting and cleverly-told story, appealing characters... a game that deserved A LOT more."Nov 15, 2003
Silent Hill 3Windows"Hands down, the greatest horror atmosphere in the series. But this dreadful Capcom-ish feel is growing within..."Nov 27, 2003
NocturneWindows"Film Noir meets Horror Classics"Jan 16, 2003
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2Windows"Continue Raziel's journey into the deep secrets of Nosgoth's history... when perfection gets even better."Aug 21, 2003
BloodRayneWindows"Bloodrayne is fast, furious, gore & sexy. Could you want anything else?... Well, I would have liked..."Jul 08, 2003
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeWindows"Behold the dawning of a new standard in action/platforming."Jan 30, 2004
Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverWindows"Behold the corruption of the once beautiful land of Nosgoth... awesome storyline and the most imaginative puzzles I can recall."Aug 14, 2003
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainWindows"Begins one of the hughest storylines ever. If ever a game DESERVED a re-make, this is the one."Oct 16, 2003
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the EarthWindows"A truly unique gaming experience... Which might or might not be a good thing."Apr 26, 2006
Condemned: Criminal OriginsWindows"An incredibly effective mixture between gripping horror and smooth gameplay"Feb 25, 2007
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