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Game TitlePlatformsorted in descending orderOne LinerReview Date
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the KilrathiDOS"Worthy successor, improved in almost every way, but STILL no multi-play"Dec 16, 2000
Airport TycoonWindows"When the 3D view has nothing to do with the 2D view, this tycoon title can't be that good..."May 26, 2004
Need for Speed: High StakesWindows"What NFS3: Hot Pursuit should have been"Nov 28, 2000
Babylon 5: Shadow WarsWindows"Well, it's the only official B5 game ever"Apr 07, 2005
Descent: Freespace - The Great WarWindows"Watch out, Wing Commander!"Sep 08, 2001
MindRover: The Europa ProjectWindows"Virtual robot construction kit is infinite amount of fun"May 13, 2001
Star Trek: Starfleet AcademyWindows"Tried to capture the magic of Star Trek, but the starship combat is a joke"Dec 05, 2000
ATAC: The Secret War Against DrugsDOS"Tried for too much too far ahead of its time"Nov 18, 2000
F-15 Strike Eagle IIDOS"Too simplified this time around, it's no longer a sim!"Dec 19, 2000
Battlecruiser Millennium (Gold Edition)Windows"Too much and too dynamic, absolutely overwhelming for most gamers"Apr 21, 2004
Police Quest: SWAT 2Windows"Too far ahead of its time to be fun, even with the simplified procedures"Apr 04, 2005
MechWarrior 4: MercenariesWindows"This Merc title did everything right about BTech "Jul 30, 2007
American McGee presents Bad Day LAWindows"This is not a game, this is a satire as a game"Aug 11, 2007
Boss RallyWindows"The worst racer I've ever played"Sep 28, 2003
Tom Clancy's SSNWindows"The simplified sub sim still holds up today..."Jul 20, 2001
Stellar 7DOS"The remake was not bad, but the power-ups made it too easy"May 16, 2001
F-19 Stealth FighterDOS"The old classic hasn't quite been equaled since..."Jan 15, 2002
Star Trek: Starship Creator Warp IIWindows"The novelty wears off after about 30 minutes..."Sep 10, 2001
International Rally ChampionshipWindows"The lousiest rally game I've ever played"Aug 22, 2001
Airborne RangerDOS"The earliest tactical shooter still holds up today"Nov 24, 2000
Need for Speed: Porsche UnleashedWindows"The Best Need for Speed yet, if you like Porsches"Nov 28, 2000
Jane's Combat Simulations: 688(I) Hunter/KillerWindows"The best modern sub sim for the moment, but missing some key features"Dec 02, 2000
Dungeon Keeper 2Windows"Technically a hands-OFF RTS, this is a true genre-bender"Apr 13, 2001
I was an Atomic Mutant!Windows"Stylistic destruction a lot of campy fun, and less filling"Apr 07, 2005
Dungeon SiegeWindows"Streamlined RPG-lite desperately needs more death at higher levels"Aug 02, 2003
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