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Game TitlePlatformsorted in descending orderOne LinerReview Date
Hocus PocusDOS"Zap your way through fun environments!! "Aug 25, 2001
The Curse of Monkey IslandWindows"Yikes, I turned the woman I love into a gold statue!"Apr 04, 2002
Duke Nukem IIDOS"We gave Duke another chance, and he delivered quite a good game."Oct 28, 2001
FIFA Soccer 2003Windows"Try to compare Fifa 2002 to this, you'll notice to many flaws in the previous edition."May 10, 2003
SkyRoads: Xmas SpecialDOS"Tough tracks, High Roads, and much more of the same."Aug 31, 2001
Test Drive III: The PassionDOS"This is probably the best of the pretty much bad Test Drive series."May 02, 2002
Command & Conquer: Red AlertDOS"The Windows Version is great, the DOS version is downright ugly."Mar 16, 2002
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & The FlameDOS"The ultimate action-adventure!"Aug 23, 2001
Crash BandicootPlayStation"The Original & The Best!"May 17, 2002
Tekken 3PlayStation"The graphics, cinematics, and gameplay are all excellent. But for total enjoyment, play DoA or the original Tekken."May 17, 2002
Cosmo's Cosmic AdventureDOS"The cutest, funniest and weirdest game on planet earth."Nov 05, 2001
Dead or Alive 3Xbox"The best Xbox to date, and very possibly the best fighting game ever."Mar 18, 2002
Pokémon Blue VersionGame Boy"The best RPG around!"Sep 27, 2001
Test Drive 4Windows"Test Drive returns with a new developer! Good? No! Very bad!"May 02, 2002
TransylvaniaDOS"Spooky game that anyone should definitely play!"May 24, 2002
Speedy BlupiWindows"Speedy Blupi is cute, enjoyable, and just great!"May 31, 2002
Sega Soccer SlamGameCube"Sega's Strange Characters+Soccer+Slamming+LOADS OF ACTION= SEGA SOCCER SLAM!!"Jul 13, 2002
RaymanWindows"Rayman, Rayman, Rayman, & RAYMAN!!!"Jun 13, 2002
TennisGame Boy"Quite good a game for a gameboy classic game."Oct 04, 2001
GoldenEye 007Nintendo 64"Outstandingly Cool Action/Adventure/FPS!"Nov 05, 2001
Need for Speed II: SEWindows"One of the best racing games on earth!"Sep 27, 2001
Pac-ManPC Booter"One of the best games of the generation."Oct 04, 2001
007: The World is Not EnoughPlayStation"O.K. Attempt by Electronic Arts to make a game as good as Goldeneye 007."Nov 05, 2001
CastlevaniaDOS"Not scary, not original, not fun, not good, very bad."Jun 24, 2002
The Duel: Test Drive IIDOS"Not a good game! But still better than it's prequel!"May 02, 2002
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