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Game TitlePlatformOne Linersorted in ascending orderReview Date
Streets of Rage 3Genesis"SOR 3, the most underrated game in the series."Feb 26, 2004
Phantasy StarSEGA Master System"The Game the started it all."Feb 29, 2004
Phantasy Star IIGenesis"The Phantasy goes on…."Mar 08, 2004
Phantasy Star III: Generations of DoomGenesis"An Unusual Phantasy"Mar 10, 2004
Phantasy Star IVGenesis"Proving that Final Fantasy Is Not The King RPGS"Mar 11, 2004
Return to KrondorWindows"Your Destiny Lies At The Bottom Of The Bitter Sea"Sep 13, 2005
Chrono CrossPlayStation"I have lost all faith in squaresoft...."Mar 19, 2006
Phantasy Star CollectionGame Boy Advance"What a Phantastic Collection!"Mar 20, 2006
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the EarthXbox"Cthulhu Is Calling Me...And Making Me Write This Review!"Mar 22, 2006
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja MasterGenesis"Best. Shinobi. Game. Ever."Mar 23, 2006
ChakanGenesis"The Forever Man lives...."Mar 24, 2006
Landstalker: Treasure of King NoleGenesis"Nigel could take Link any day of the week..."Mar 24, 2006
Final FightSNES"If only this was the final fight..."Apr 05, 2006
Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation"Quite possibly the most overrated game of all time...."Apr 17, 2006
Thief: Deadly ShadowsXbox"Steal this Review!"Apr 19, 2006
Wild ArmsPlayStation"It's high noon in Filgaia..."Apr 19, 2006
DOOM³ (Limited Collector's Edition)Xbox"Hell has broken loose on Mars, you are a Marine, grab a shotgun you know what to..."Apr 20, 2006
The Legend of ZeldaNES"Over rated game for an overrated console."Apr 22, 2006
Skies of ArcadiaDreamcast"Not only is it the best DC rpg but the best rpg in a while."Apr 22, 2006
Grandia IIDreamcast"The Grand sequel to the 32-bit killer rpg!"Apr 23, 2006
Star Wars ArcadeSEGA 32X"Ever wanted to destroy the Death Star? Here's your chance."Apr 23, 2006
NocturneWindows"More of an action game than horror."Apr 24, 2006
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainPlayStation"Be the Vampire!"May 01, 2006
Final Fantasy Legend IIIGame Boy"The only one in the series worth playing, is also one of the GameBoy's best."May 01, 2006
Halo 2 (Limited Collector's Edition)Xbox"Master Chief's latest outing is a weak one at best."May 05, 2006
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