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Game TitlePlatformOne Linersorted in descending orderReview Date
Dick Marcinko: Rogue WarriorWindows"Also-Ran Cover Shooter With Melee Fatality Moves"Apr 28, 2013
Alarm for Cobra 11: NitroWindows"Decent graphics, decent handling, time limit too tight"Apr 28, 2013
American McGee presents Bad Day LAWindows"This is not a game, this is a satire as a game"Aug 11, 2007
MechWarrior 4: MercenariesWindows"This Merc title did everything right about BTech "Jul 30, 2007
WWII Tank CommanderWindows"Barely worth my time if free, not worth $10"Jul 09, 2007
Delta Force 2Windows"Great terrain, great graphics, lousy gameplay"Nov 07, 2005
MissionForce: CyberStormWindows"One of the most overlooked strategy games ever"Sep 06, 2005
Hostile Waters: Antaeus RisingWindows"One of the most underappreciated RTS ever"May 05, 2005
Delta Force: Task Force DaggerWindows"New things don't add much to the game, if at all"Apr 30, 2005
Road WarsWindows"Deeper than first suspected, but too fast and not deep enough"Apr 25, 2005
I was an Atomic Mutant!Windows"Stylistic destruction a lot of campy fun, and less filling"Apr 07, 2005
Star Trek: New WorldsWindows"Complexity is not necessarily an improvement"Apr 07, 2005
Babylon 5: Shadow WarsWindows"Well, it's the only official B5 game ever"Apr 07, 2005
Capitalism PlusWindows"Economy sim very reminiscent of original Railroad Tycoon"Apr 06, 2005
Larry Ragland's 4x4 ChallengeWindows"Arcade racer all the way, not much of 4x4 at all"Apr 05, 2005
Autobahn TotalWindows"A version of Outrun, without any part of the fun!"Apr 04, 2005
Police Quest: SWAT 2Windows"Too far ahead of its time to be fun, even with the simplified procedures"Apr 04, 2005
Midtown Madness 2Windows"More of the same means same strengths, same faults"Apr 01, 2005
4x4 EvoWindows"Offroad racing not as attractive as it first seems"Mar 30, 2005
Star Trek: Away TeamWindows"Star Trek meets Commandos"Mar 19, 2005
Western Outlaw: Wanted Dead or AliveWindows"Outlaw wannabe that has a few interesting moments"Mar 18, 2005
SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle: Elite EditionWindows"Great tactical sim in desperate need of a technology update"Mar 09, 2005
Sentinel Worlds I: Future MagicDOS"A lot of RPG for its days, even if it is a bit repetitive"Aug 13, 2004
Crisis Team: Ambulance DriverWindows"Lousiest driving game I've EVER played, I swear"Jul 21, 2004
Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh TrailWindows"Blast, blast, blast. What else is there?"Jul 19, 2004
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