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Game TitlePlatformOne Linersorted in descending orderReview Date
Resident Evil 4PlayStation 2"A fantastic opening scene to a worthless game."Aug 26, 2006
kill.switchWindows"A pretty pointless game, but if you have an hour to kill..."Oct 28, 2004
XenogearsPlayStation"Potential ruined at every corner. A huge let-down, a frustratingly stupid game."Oct 17, 2004
SudekiXbox"A waste of time. Shows potential in so many areas, but little good ever comes of it."Sep 01, 2004
Burnout 2: Point of ImpactGameCube"A fantastic intense racing game bogged down by terribly cheap AI tricks."Sep 01, 2004
DOOMSNES"A clunky herky-jerky port of a DOS classic."Jul 12, 2004
Far CryWindows"Absolutely incredible. Sets a new standard. Blew away all my expectations."Jun 11, 2004
ConanWindows"Fierce hack 'n slash goodness! Don't pass this one up!"May 18, 2004
Iron StormWindows"A very original setting; a very forgetable game."Mar 17, 2004
Jagged Alliance 2: WildfireWindows"Wildfire is really nothing more than a buggy "real world" mod."Mar 10, 2004
Warlords IV: Heroes of EtheriaWindows"A very simple and addictive strategy game."Mar 02, 2004
Contract J.A.C.K.Windows"What a disgrace."Feb 28, 2004
Worms 3DWindows"Wow, what a disappointment!"Feb 11, 2004
One Must Fall: BattlegroundsWindows"There's really not much to like about this game."Feb 08, 2004
XIIIWindows"A fantastic FPS. Blew away all my expectations."Jan 30, 2004
Dead to RightsWindows"A fun game with lots to like, but it's just way too long and way too repetitive."Jan 28, 2004
Half-Life: Counter-StrikeWindows"A paradox in entertainment."Jan 23, 2004
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesWindows"A great game. Fantastic art direction with gameplay reminiscent of SNES beat'em-ups."Jan 11, 2004
Legacy of Kain: DefianceWindows"If not for the pesky camera and repetition, this could have been one of the best games ever."Jan 09, 2004
Deus Ex: Invisible WarWindows"One hell of a mixed bag."Dec 18, 2003
ChromeWindows"The landscape is so beautiful that it's a real shame they made a game out of it."Dec 10, 2003
Need for Speed: UndergroundWindows"Oh Need For Speed, where have you gone?"Dec 03, 2003
S2: Silent StormWindows"Silent Storm has joined the ranks of X-Com and Jagged Alliance 2 as a brilliant tactical squad-based strategy game."Nov 25, 2003
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNintendo 64"I just don't get the hype. Are grownups supposed to play this game?"Nov 21, 2003
Delta Force: Black Hawk DownWindows"Novalogic presents: Towell-Head Massacre 2000!"Nov 18, 2003
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