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Septerra Core: Legacy of the CreatorWindows"A console style RPG on the PC...What?"Jul 30, 2006
Serious Sam: GoldWindows"Are you Serious?"May 07, 2006
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of ShinobiGenesis"The Secret Of Shinobi=Calgon"Jul 21, 2007
ShenmueDreamcast"Hello, My Name Is Ryo Hazuki, You Killed My Father Prepare To Die"May 24, 2006
Shining Force IIISEGA Saturn"Quite Possibly The Best Game In The Series."Feb 29, 2008
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark DragonGame Boy Advance"Hey there's a Dragon in my pants!"May 13, 2006
Shining the Holy ArkSEGA Saturn"Shine On You Crazy Diamond"Jan 27, 2009
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja MasterGenesis"Best. Shinobi. Game. Ever."Mar 23, 2006
Silent HillPlayStation""Dahlia Gillespie!""Oct 28, 2006
Skies of ArcadiaDreamcast"Not only is it the best DC rpg but the best rpg in a while."Apr 22, 2006
Skies of Arcadia: LegendsGameCube"'Avast Ye Matey?' What The Hell Does That Mean?"May 09, 2009
Sonic AdvanceGame Boy Advance"As close to the original Sonic games besides the original games!"Aug 03, 2006
Sonic Adventure 2Dreamcast"Sonic Adventure Without The Adventure, I Am Just As Confused As You"Sep 02, 2006
Sonic CDSEGA CD"This game should be called SoniCD...maybe not."Aug 10, 2006
Spider-ManDreamcast""Spins A Web Any Size, Catches Thieves Just Like Flies...""Mar 14, 2007
Star Fox AssaultGameCube"The Rape Of The Starfox Series"Aug 25, 2006
Star Wars ArcadeSEGA 32X"Ever wanted to destroy the Death Star? Here's your chance."Apr 23, 2006
Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicXbox""Strike Me Down And I Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine""Sep 15, 2006
Streets of RageGenesis"Taking it to the streets..."May 13, 2006
Streets of Rage 2Genesis"Taking The Streets To The Bare Knuckle"Aug 27, 2006
Streets of Rage 3Genesis"SOR 3, the most underrated game in the series."Feb 26, 2004
Super Hang-OnGenesis"It's Super, Thanks For Asking!"Dec 06, 2006
Super HydlideGenesis"It's a bird it's a plane it's Super Hydlide!"May 13, 2006
Super Mario 64Nintendo 64"Putting The "Super" Back In Super Mario "Sep 24, 2006
Super Mario Bros. DeluxeGame Boy Color"Does the classic NES game still hold up?"May 20, 2006
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