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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
ChakanGenesis"The Forever Man lives...."Mar 24, 2006
Phantasy StarSEGA Master System"The Game the started it all."Feb 29, 2004
Grandia IIDreamcast"The Grand sequel to the 32-bit killer rpg!"Apr 23, 2006
Virtua Fighter 3tbDreamcast"The Holy Grail Of Fighting Games"Sep 02, 2006
Lunar: Silver Star Story - CompletePlayStation"The Legend Begins...."May 08, 2006
HalloweenAtari 2600"The Night He Came Home..."Jul 22, 2006
Fable IIXbox 360"The Old World Is Gone..."Aug 24, 2009
Final Fantasy Legend IIIGame Boy"The only one in the series worth playing, is also one of the GameBoy's best."May 01, 2006
Lunar: The Silver StarSEGA CD"The Origin Of The Lunar Series."Jul 18, 2006
Phantasy Star IIGenesis"The Phantasy goes on…."Mar 08, 2004
Star Fox AssaultGameCube"The Rape Of The Starfox Series"Aug 25, 2006
Nosferatu: The Wrath of MalachiWindows""There are worse things out than vampires. Like me."-Blade-"Aug 08, 2007
Sword of VermilionGenesis""There Can Be Only One!""Nov 11, 2006
Sacred: GoldWindows"There is hours of fun to be had in this hack and slash RPG."May 20, 2006
Half-Life 2Windows""The Right Person In The Wrong Place Can Make All The Difference""Sep 15, 2006
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of ShinobiGenesis"The Secret Of Shinobi=Calgon"Jul 21, 2007
Sam & Max: Episode 1 - Culture ShockWindows"The Triumphant Return Of Everyone's Favorite Bipedal Dog And Psychotic Rabbity-Thing!"Dec 06, 2006
Marvel Ultimate AllianceXbox"The World's Largest Group Of SuperHeroes Is At Your Disposal, Don't Muck It Up!"Jan 31, 2007
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNintendo 64"The Zelda Game You Knew Was Coming, But Only After A Long Wait"Jul 03, 2009
Killer InstinctSNES"This Game Should Be Buried In The Middle Of Nowhere And Never Be Spoken Of Again"Jun 08, 2007
Sonic CDSEGA CD"This game should be called SoniCD...maybe not."Aug 10, 2006
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginWindows"Those Who Seek To Find Her, Will Learn The True Meaning Of Fear"Sep 09, 2009
Thief: Eidos Platinum CollectionWindows"Two Thiefs For The Price Of One.(Unless You Steal It.)"Jul 22, 2006
Virtua Fighter 5Xbox 360"Virtua Fighter Finally Returns To A Console That Can Run It "Nov 16, 2007
Virtua Cop 2SEGA Saturn"Walk Softly And Carry A Big Gun"Oct 04, 2008
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