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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
ScrabbleWindows"A great game if you like Scrabble."Mar 20, 2000
D/GenerationDOS"A great Isometric game..."Jun 21, 2000
Worms 2Windows"A great multiplayer game! And no tanks either :)"Feb 07, 2001
Need for Speed: Underground 2Windows"A great racing game - infinitely customizable..."Apr 25, 2005
Colin McRae Rally 2.0Windows"A great rally racing game for the PC platform"Jan 30, 2003
Tempest 2000Windows"A half-hearted attempt to bring back a classic."Mar 01, 2000
Magic: The Gathering - Interactive EncyclopediaWindows"Ahhh... Sweet sweet bliss... "May 15, 2000
RogueDOS"Ahhh. The quest for the... What Am I Searching for again?"Jun 23, 2000
Star Wars: X-Wing AllianceWindows"Alliance beats them all."Oct 04, 2001
Star Wars: Dark ForcesDOS"A long time ago..."Sep 07, 2000
Lands of Lore: The Throne of ChaosDOS"An excellent Dungeon Master style game, that actually has very few dungeons."Feb 23, 2000
StrategoWindows"An excellent version of a classic board game."Mar 06, 2000
Enter the MatrixWindows"An interesting concept for a game - that's very poorly executed."Jul 23, 2004
Return to Castle WolfensteinWindows"An uber-cool (to borrow a German prefix) sequel to grandfather of first-person shooters."Oct 28, 2002
Scorched EarthDOS"Artillery shooting tanks.... And no worms, either...."Nov 30, 2000
RollerCoaster TycoonWindows"A Sim game for those who don't like a ton of micro-management."Feb 16, 2000
DescentDOS"A stomach turning adventure..."Jun 05, 2000
Spycraft: The Great GameWindows"A truly great spy game..."Mar 07, 2000
Diablo II: Lord of DestructionWindows"Baal is finished...."Oct 10, 2002
Star Trek: Starfleet AcademyWindows"Beam me up Scotty.... No Intelligible Life in this Program...."Dec 01, 2000
MystWindows 3.x"Best selling game of all time? Don't make me laugh... But then again..."Jan 08, 2001
AsteroidsWindows"Beware of the real small ones...."Mar 22, 2000
Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud NebulaDOS"Binary System and EA took a great game, and made it better..."Feb 26, 2001
Scrabble: The Deluxe Computer EditionDOS"CD-ROM-less Scrabble!"Nov 28, 2000
The 7th GuestDOS"Creepingly eerie... and worth a look..."Jul 09, 2001
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