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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Mortal KombatDOS"A near-perfect translation of the arcade game."Dec 23, 1999
Roberta Williams' King's Quest I: Quest for the CrownDOS"An experiment that failed in terms of gameplay."Jan 18, 2000
GalaxianPC Booter"An extremely faithful conversion of the original arcade game."Sep 28, 1999
BarbarianDOS"An idiotic control system."Oct 01, 1999
Rise of the DragonDOS"An immersive world that completely captures your interest without frustrating your intellect."Mar 24, 1999
JoustLynx"Another bullseye for the Lynx porting legacy."Feb 10, 2003
KlaxLynx"Another fine example of the Lynx coin-op port legacy."Feb 10, 2003
FlightmareDOS"A novel presentation that should have refined before implementation."Jan 18, 2000
Times of LoreDOS"An Ultima-inspired RPG that performs adequately."Jan 21, 2000
Wing Commander AcademyDOS"A potentially good game, but marred by a devastating flaw."Mar 05, 1999
Indianapolis 500: The SimulationDOS"A solid performer and faithful simulation."Mar 18, 1999
SavageDOS"A susprising little gem with varied gameplay for action fans."Oct 02, 1999
Will Harvey's Music Construction SetPC Booter"A then-revolutionary concept marred by the PC's hardware limitations."Sep 28, 1999
Tass Times in TonetownPC Booter"A unique concept woven into an interesting world."Mar 30, 1999
ZyllPC Booter"A unique interactive fiction concept that hasn't yet been duplicated."Apr 17, 1999
The Chessmaster 3000DOS"A well-rounded chess game suitable for everyone."Mar 17, 1999
Wing CommanderDOS"A worthy start to a long and successful series."Apr 27, 1999
The HiveWindows"Beautiful graphics, ludicrously difficult gameplay."Jun 28, 2000
Gunman ChroniclesWindows"Better than you think, but only at a certain price."Apr 03, 2002
Stunt Track RacerDOS"Brilliant technical presentation on modest hardware."Feb 06, 2000
Free D.C!DOS"Cinemaware finally lost the magic."Jun 27, 1999
Cosmic CrusaderPC Booter"Clean, classic arcade shooter fun."Mar 18, 1999
Commander Keen 1: Marooned on MarsDOS"Console-quality graphics and gameplay on a regular PC!"Oct 05, 1999
Serious Sam: The First EncounterWindows"Contains ludicrous amounts of action that will liquify your brain."May 04, 2001
NovastormDOS"Don't let the term 'Interactive Movie' throw you -- this is a very good shooter."Sep 24, 1999
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