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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Mario Kart: Super CircuitGame Boy Advance"Great handheld racing game"Oct 16, 2007
Mortal Kombat 3DOS"How did this game get so huge?"Jul 19, 2001
World Class Leader BoardDOS"I couldn't believe my own ears!"May 27, 2003
VolfiedDOS"If I could only keep my cool.."Jun 05, 2001
Jewel QuestWindows"Initially addictive, but too repetitive to keep me interested"Nov 26, 2008
Jordan vs Bird: One on OneDOS"It’s better than an air ball, but definitely not a 3-pointer."Feb 03, 2002
NBA Live 2000Windows"It's NBA Live 99 Deluxe"Jul 19, 2001
Fire PowerDOS"It takes two to enjoy Firepower"Jul 26, 2003
Airborne RangerDOS"I wanna be an Airborne Ranger! I wanna live a life of danger!"Jul 05, 2004
Magic Carpet 2: The NetherworldsDOS"Mixed feelings about a magic carpet ride"Jan 22, 2001
Oddworld: Abe's ExoddusWindows"More Abe, More Oddworld, More Magic, and More Fun!"Jul 19, 2001
Golden Axe IIGenesis"More of the same but with less impressive graphics"Sep 04, 2008
DeathtrackDOS"Move over punk! Here is the Roadwarrior."Jul 19, 2001
Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA PlayoffsDOS"My first love."Jun 03, 2001
TOCA Championship RacingWindows"Neither arcade racer nor pure sim, but a good racing game."Jan 28, 2003
Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA PlayoffsGenesis"Nominated in the Worst Conversion category"Jul 09, 2002
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomDOS"One of the weaker Indiana Jones games."Apr 03, 2004
Escape from DeliriumDOS"Ouch... awful writing!"Dec 27, 2001
Nobunaga's AmbitionDOS"Quite a good game, if you manage to survive the first few turns, that is."Feb 26, 2002
Bad Street BrawlerDOS"Ridiculous game. As in ridiculously bad."Aug 04, 2003
Street Sports BasketballDOS"Simple but fun"May 06, 2002
Wings of FuryDOS"Sopwith-Deluxe heads for the Pacific."Mar 16, 2001
MotorheadWindows"Stripped of all excess weight and boy does it move!!"Nov 30, 2001
Interstate '76: Nitro PackWindows"The absence of a story line really hurts this game."May 15, 2002
Star WarsDOS"The Force arrives on the PC"Aug 04, 2003
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