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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Moon PatrolPC Booter"Arcade Perfection!"Feb 22, 2004
Starship Troopers: Terran AscendancyWindows"A Real-Time Strategy fan SHOULD NOT miss out on this game!"May 11, 2004
ApprenticeWindows"A short (and unfinished) but extremely beautiful little AGS freeware adventure game"Jul 12, 2004
Ultima VI: The False ProphetDOS"A stunning RPG based game, Ultima VI is top of the line. Best of the Ultima series!"Dec 31, 2003
HillsfarDOS"A unique and groundbreaking game me thinks. These are the stuff games were made of..."Dec 25, 2003
Hearts of Iron II: DoomsdayWindows"A very addictive strategy game but also very irritating in gameplay"May 21, 2006
The Ancient Art of WarDOS"Barbarians kill Archers, Archers kill Knights, Knights kill Barbarians. The forefather of all war-based strategy games!"May 03, 2003
Q*bertAtari 2600"Beautiful little game...though I don't remember was it on Atari or DOS?"Mar 04, 2006
The Legacy of Kain Series: Blood Omen 2Windows"Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver - Difficulty: Nightmare. Blood Omen 2 - Difficulty: Mother Goose. Get the picture?"Oct 29, 2002
Crusader: No RemorseDOS"Bobba Fett in Red! (had to say that, sorry). This is a ground-breaking action game of creativity!"Sep 05, 2003
Bouncing BabiesDOS"Boing...boing...boing...splat! (oops!)"Feb 19, 2004
Dragon LordDOS"Breeding Dragons? What more would you ask for?"Feb 16, 2004
BushidoDOS"Bushido is the Legendary ancestor of all PC Ninja Fighting action games!"Jun 14, 2003
Caesar IVWindows"Caesar just died, by Jupiter!"Jan 31, 2007
Sex OlympicsDOS"Challenging little "adventure" game"May 30, 2004
Neverwinter NightsWindows"Close to Perfection! Unfortunately, we spoke too soon..."Aug 12, 2003
J.R.R. Tolkien's War in Middle EarthDOS"Control the fate of Middle Earth from a Global point of view! Great Game!"Apr 27, 2003
Knights and Merchants: The Shattered KingdomWindows"Do I see innovation? Nope. Nice try though."Jan 12, 2004
Sword of AragonDOS"Don't call yourself a strategy gamer if you've never played this game!"Dec 30, 2003
Season of the SakuraDOS"Egad! A hentai game with a storyline!"May 05, 2004
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionWindows"Envious doesn't even describe what I feel about this game..."Nov 27, 2006
Dragon WarsDOS"Ever seen an RPG Legend? Well this one's an RPG God!"Jun 18, 2004
Final Fantasy XPlayStation 2"Final Fantasy games should have never been created *gasp*"Jan 19, 2006
Disciples II: Dark ProphecyWindows"Finally a Turned-Based strategy game WORTHY of "replacing" Heroes of Might & Magic"Apr 09, 2004
Kohan: Immortal SovereignsWindows"Game of the year? It must've been a really bad year for strategy games..."Feb 20, 2004
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