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Final Fantasy Legend IIIGame Boy"The only one in the series worth playing, is also one of the GameBoy's best."May 01, 2006
Final Fantasy VSNES"A Huge Step Back For The Series"Apr 16, 2009
Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation"Quite possibly the most overrated game of all time...."Apr 17, 2006
Final Fantasy VIIIPlayStation"Some One Get Square A Dictionary Because They Clearly Do Not Know What "Final" Means"Sep 30, 2006
Final FightSNES"If only this was the final fight..."Apr 05, 2006
Final Fight 2SNES"I Thought The Last One Was The Final Fight...."Nov 10, 2006
Final Fight 3SNES"What Is With The Developers, And Not Knowing What "Final" Means?"Nov 12, 2006
Ghostbusters: The Video GameXbox 360"“Ray, when someone asks you if you are a God, you say yes!”"Sep 16, 2009
Golden Axe IIIGenesis"The Best Of The Series."Jul 18, 2006
Golden Axe WarriorSEGA Master System"A Great Spinoff To A Great Series!"Sep 16, 2006
Gothic II: Gold EditionWindows"Gothic II Goes For The Gold!"Sep 23, 2006
Grandia IIDreamcast"The Grand sequel to the 32-bit killer rpg!"Apr 23, 2006
Grim FandangoWindows""I Am More Than Dead""Jan 20, 2007
Half-Life 2Windows""The Right Person In The Wrong Place Can Make All The Difference""Sep 15, 2006
Half-Life 2: Episode OneWindows"Half-Life 2: Episode One Is Better Than Star Wars Episode One"Oct 21, 2006
Half-Life: Blue ShiftWindows"Surprisingly Not Boo Shift."Jun 03, 2006
Half-Life: Game of the Year EditionWindows"One Of The Greatest Games Of All Time Gets Better!"May 31, 2006
Half-Life: Opposing ForceWindows"Opposing Farce is more like it..."May 29, 2006
HalloweenAtari 2600"The Night He Came Home..."Jul 22, 2006
Halo 2 (Limited Collector's Edition)Xbox"Master Chief's latest outing is a weak one at best."May 05, 2006
Halo: Combat EvolvedXbox"Not The Best FPS, But Hardly The Worst"Sep 16, 2006
The House of the Dead: OverkillWii"Collect Your Point Blank Prescription! "Apr 24, 2010
The House of the DeadSEGA Saturn"Not by Dostoevsky….."Oct 27, 2009
Jade EmpireXbox"Welcome To The Jade Empire"Oct 21, 2006
Kid IcarusNES"I Flew Too Close To The Sun On Wings Of Pastrami"Sep 03, 2006
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