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Empire EarthWindows"I have a lot of bad things to say about this "Age of Empire" rebellion game..."Jan 03, 2003
Eschalon: Book IWindows"[v1.0] High hopes for a decent old skool RPG remake remain unfulfilled."Jun 07, 2011
Evil GeniusWindows"What a great gam...where did that [email protected]!%@% bug come from...!?"Aug 23, 2007
Fable: The Lost ChaptersWindows"[v2.0] No, it's not a Fable. It's a Legend."Jan 17, 2007
Fate of the DragonWindows"A disgrace to the RTK saga. Possibly one of the most over-rated strategy games known."Jun 07, 2002
Fate of the WorldWindows"I am almost a certifiable chain-smoking environmentalist!"May 08, 2011
The Fellowship of the RingDOS"Limited graphics does wonders to your imagination"Jan 03, 2004
Final Fantasy VIIIPlayStation"Worst RPG I've ever played when I played it the first 4 times. Best RPG I've ever played after the 5th try..."Aug 12, 2003
Final Fantasy XPlayStation 2"Final Fantasy games should have never been created *gasp*"Jan 19, 2006
Floppy FrenzyPC Booter"1982? I'm not that old..."Mar 06, 2006
Fuck QuestDOS"An insult to Sierra games in a humorous way..."May 27, 2003
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the FathersDOS"Guybrush Threepwood gone detective!"May 24, 2004
Galactic Civilizations II: Dread LordsWindows"An average copy-cat of Master of Orion that can't "meow" very well..."Dec 30, 2007
Gauntlet: Seven SorrowsPlayStation 2"There's a reason why veteran RPG gamers hate Hack-and-Slash RPGs"Feb 26, 2006
Genji: Dawn of the SamuraiPlayStation 2"RPGs should NOT be finished in one day..."Jan 10, 2007
Gex3DO"Humor, Lizards, Pizza, Action!"Jun 19, 2004
Global OperationsWindows"Interesting new features in comparison to Counterstrike, but when it comes to user friendly and gameplay - Not even close."May 18, 2002
God of WarPlayStation 2"Hell of a great game...unfortunately the final moments ruined my gaming experience"Feb 19, 2006
Grandia IIIPlayStation 2"Graphically superior...inferior everything else."Mar 04, 2006
Grand Theft Auto IIIWindows" live in a world without sin and restrictions...Oh yeah!"Nov 18, 2003
The Guild 2: VeniceWindows"[v1.0] Enchanting Venice is infested with bugs and unstable building designs!"Apr 06, 2009
Guitar HeroPlayStation 2"Works better as a "Family Karaoke" than a game..."Feb 19, 2006
GunshipDOS"I hate simulation games...but there's always an exception!"May 22, 2004
Gunship 2000DOS"Got to be the B E S T modern combat simulation around!"May 23, 2004
Half-Life: Counter-StrikeWindows"Re-defined Multi-player games, but also re-defined kids into bunch of @#!%[email protected]$'s "May 23, 2004
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