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Maniac MansionNES"When This Games A Rockin Don't Come A Knockin"Sep 09, 2006
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkNES"Not That Bad Actually"Sep 03, 2006
Super Mario 64Nintendo 64"Putting The "Super" Back In Super Mario "Sep 24, 2006
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNintendo 64"The Zelda Game You Knew Was Coming, But Only After A Long Wait"Jul 03, 2009
New Super Mario Bros.Nintendo DS"So New It Smells Like New"Jun 08, 2007
Lunar: Dragon SongNintendo DS"What Have You Become, My Sweetest Friend? "May 23, 2009
Silent HillPlayStation""Dahlia Gillespie!""Oct 28, 2006
Arc the Lad CollectionPlayStation"Who are you calling lad?"Aug 10, 2006
Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation"Quite possibly the most overrated game of all time...."Apr 17, 2006
Wild ArmsPlayStation"It's high noon in Filgaia..."Apr 19, 2006
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainPlayStation"Be the Vampire!"May 01, 2006
Resident Evil: Director's CutPlayStation"I Can See The Resident...But Where Is The Evil?"Sep 29, 2006
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue CompletePlayStation"The amazing sequel to one of the best RPGS of all time."May 29, 2006
Lunar: Silver Star Story CompletePlayStation"The Legend Begins...."May 08, 2006
Chrono CrossPlayStation"I have lost all faith in squaresoft...."Mar 19, 2006
Wild Arms 2PlayStation"Not A Very Good Sequel"Sep 21, 2006
Final Fantasy IXPlayStation"Putting The Fantasy Back Into Final Fantasy"Apr 29, 2008
Final Fantasy VIIIPlayStation"Some One Get Square A Dictionary Because They Clearly Do Not Know What "Final" Means"Sep 30, 2006
Star Wars ArcadeSEGA 32X"Ever wanted to destroy the Death Star? Here's your chance."Apr 23, 2006
The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The KingpinSEGA CD"One of the Webheads best outings."May 31, 2006
Sonic CDSEGA CD"This game should be called SoniCD...maybe not."Aug 10, 2006
VaySEGA CD"Oy Vay!"Feb 24, 2007
Lunar: The Silver StarSEGA CD"The Origin Of The Lunar Series."Jul 18, 2006
Golden Axe WarriorSEGA Master System"A Great Spinoff To A Great Series!"Sep 16, 2006
Phantasy StarSEGA Master System"The Game the started it all."Feb 29, 2004
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