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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Katamari DamacyPlayStation 2"Every gamer who owns a PS2 simply must buy this game. It's that simple."Nov 05, 2004
Max Steel: Covert MissionsDreamcast"Extremely satisfying to fans of the show, but not enough oomph for non-fans."Feb 19, 2003
Ys: The Vanished OmensDOS"Filling the 8-bit console RPG niche for PCs."Sep 29, 1999
SeamanDreamcast"Frustrated and depressed."Apr 21, 2005
Bop'N WrestleDOS"Fun, but only if you can master the controls and overlook a glaring problem."Mar 17, 1999
NovatronDOS"Giddy fun for honing your twitch reflexes."May 24, 2000
The King of ChicagoDOS"Great fun: Become Al Capone's successor by managing your rackets, your mob, and your girl."Jan 27, 1999
TRON 2.0Windows"If you like shooters, you'll like Tron 2.0. If you liked the movie, you'll love Tron 2.0."Sep 11, 2003
ForsakenWindows"If you're looking for mind-numbing 3D accelerator action, Forsaken delivers."Sep 28, 1999
VirtuosoDOS"I'm astounded this game made it out the door."May 10, 1999
Dark CastleDOS"Infuriating! And yet I keep coming back for more."Oct 05, 1999
AirballDOS"Insidiously fun."Mar 17, 1999
Pit-FighterLynx"Like a bad Xerox copy, this port amplifies the flaws in the original."Feb 10, 2003
DeathtrackDOS"Mad Max on wheels."Jun 23, 2000
Bad Street BrawlerDOS"Mismatched gameplay."Sep 26, 1999
SolitareDOS"More addictive than you would initially imagine."Aug 11, 2001
DOOM IIDOS"More. More Doom. More."Oct 02, 1999
4🞄D BoxingDOS"No other PC game has captured the feel of boxing as well as 4D Boxing."Sep 17, 1999
Bumble PlotDOS"Not appropriate for children of the 1990s."Oct 01, 1999
StuntsDOS"Not terribly realistic, but fun all the same."Oct 28, 1999
CarmageddonDOS"One hell of a stress-reliever. Forbidden, sinful fun."Nov 02, 1999
ChaserWindows"One of the few games I have actually thrown away."Nov 21, 2004
Chuck Yeager's Air CombatDOS"One of the most perfect air-combat sims ever made."May 06, 1999
AxiaDOS"Over two years in the making, this game rocks!"Mar 21, 2000
Test DriveDOS"Poor controls and monotonous scenery didn't stop this one from becoming a classic."Sep 28, 1999
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