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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Switchblade IIAmiga"Generally an impressive game if you can face some of the frustrating sections"Sep 19, 2004
Forgotten WorldsAmiga"Good once you get the hang of it, but not the best home version"Oct 31, 2004
Sensible World of SoccerAmiga"Great fun, and a worthy successor to the original, but not flawless"Apr 10, 2004
Rock Star Ate My HamsterAmiga"Half of me says it's brilliant, half of me says it's terrible"Mar 11, 2004
HarlequinAmiga"I can't understand why anyone would enjoy this."Jul 30, 2004
GodsAmiga"'Impressive' but not very much fun, I've always seen this as over-rated"Sep 25, 2004
4th & InchesAmiga"Laughable compared to TV Sports and Madden; generally primitive"Jun 18, 2004
Lotus: The Ultimate ChallengeAmiga"Less fun in practice than in theory"Jun 04, 2005
Sensible GolfAmiga"Okay for what it was, but could've been more"Mar 30, 2004
Sensible GolfDOS"Okay for what it was, but could've been more"Jun 14, 2004
Grand Prix MasterAmiga"One for motorbike fanatics only"Jun 22, 2004
DeathchaseZX Spectrum"One of the most thrilling and exciting games of the day"Aug 31, 2004
Grand Prix 3Windows"Perhaps not the massive leap it could've been, but a stunning simulation all the same"Feb 24, 2004
Power DriftAmstrad CPC"Perhaps the CPC's greatest racing game"Jan 24, 2006
ZoolAmiga"Perhaps the most over-hyped Amiga game ever; mediocre at best"Nov 20, 2004
Italia 1990Amiga"Possibly the Amiga's worst football game"Aug 26, 2004
Full ThrottleZX Spectrum"Pretty good for its day, but not the Spectrum's best bike game"Sep 12, 2004
KGBAmiga"Proof that it's not just LucasArts who could do great graphic adventures"Apr 19, 2004
League ChallengeAtari ST"Seems to have been designed in 2 hours and programmed in 1"Sep 30, 2004
Demon AttackAtari 2600"Simplistic and unexciting, even by 1982 standards"Jul 08, 2004
Rugby: The World CupAmiga"Smacks of quick cash-in with minimal planning or attention"Jun 10, 2004
Kid Gloves II: The Journey BackAmiga"Tedious by-the-numbers platform game with nothing to offer"Jun 19, 2004
Premier Manager 2DOS"The best football management game of its day"Feb 29, 2004
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2Amiga"The best of a stalwert racing series"Feb 26, 2004
Goal!Amiga"The best of Kick Off 2 combined with some good bits from Sensible"Mar 02, 2004
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