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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Lost in TimeDOS"Great, but I can't quite figure out why."Dec 11, 2005
Star Trek: Shattered UniversePlayStation 2"Great game from Star Trek universe"Aug 17, 2005
Final Fantasy VIIWindows"Great story and concept in general. Poorly animated, though."Apr 11, 2001
KillzonePlayStation 2"Halo what!?"Jan 03, 2006
Lighthouse: The Dark BeingWindows"Has a certain charm, but..."Dec 06, 2005
Deus Ex: Invisible WarWindows"Heavily underrated, but not as good as the original"Nov 14, 2004
Kessen IIPlayStation 2"Highly cinematiqued game or a very controllable movie."May 28, 2003
Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach VolleyballXbox"How Crazy Are You?"May 07, 2004
Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisDOS"If I could have only one game, this'd be the one"Nov 10, 2004
Discworld NoirWindows"Innovatively Uninteresting"Nov 28, 2001
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight MysteryWindows"Is it possible for something to be above the best!? Yup, I guess it is :)"Jul 11, 2000
Lure of the TemptressDOS"It can't get any worse than this."Dec 11, 2005
Command & Conquer: RenegadeWindows"It's awesome, dude, awesome!"Mar 12, 2002
Tzar: The Burden of the CrownWindows"It's time to beat the crap outta Evil's house!"Jun 25, 2001
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake EaterPlayStation 2"It's time you meet The Boss"Dec 08, 2004
Silent Hill 2PlayStation 2"I wanted this game so much! And now I know why..."Aug 29, 2002
Circle of BloodWindows"Jones!? You've got some nerve..."Aug 08, 2004
Professor Layton and the Unwound FutureNintendo DS"Layton and Luke strike back, but they miss"Jan 26, 2012
LEGO The Lord of the RingsPlayStation 3"Lego meets GTA"Feb 15, 2015
BloodRayneXbox"Let is Rayne, let it Rayne, let it Rayne."Mar 03, 2004
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (Platinum Edition)Windows"Limited Edition for Limited BrainWashed Worshipers - like me :^)"Jul 27, 2000
Wolfenstein 3DDOS"Look behind you, three headed monkey! BANG BANG... hehe, that was left handed."Dec 30, 2000
Full ThrottleWindows"LucasArts' classic alright"Nov 13, 2004
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the DamnedWindows"Millennium Mystery"Sep 10, 2001
Tom Clancy's Splinter CellGame Boy Advance"More fun than regular 3D version."Apr 08, 2004
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