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LoomDOS"A bit aged but still magical, and very original."Jul 03, 2002
Out of This WorldDOS"Amazing for it's time, but I dunno..."Jun 06, 2002
The Curse of Monkey IslandWindows"Am I the only dissenting voice here?"Jun 08, 2002
Black & WhiteWindows"An exercise in AI but really not enough of a game"Dec 18, 2002
Half-LifeWindows"Best game ever? Not any more, but still damn fine"Feb 08, 2004
Season of the SakuraDOS"Better than you think"Aug 27, 2002
Stupid InvadersWindows"Bizarre and stylish but don't bother. It sucks."May 14, 2004
Princess Maker 2PC-98"Charming and very original, but perhaps a bit repetitive"Sep 28, 2002
Thief II: The Metal AgeWindows"Classy and original but you can see why it didn't sell"Oct 20, 2002
SeiklusWindows"Deeply spiritual or unbelievably boring? You decide!"Apr 01, 2005
The DigDOS"Different; and neither a masterpiece nor a bad game."Aug 05, 2004
Clive Barker's UndyingWindows"Good. 'Nuff said?"Aug 06, 2003
American McGee's AliceWindows"Incredible design but think what it could have been"Jun 03, 2002
NWindows"Minimalist platformer that's as tough as a diamond "May 03, 2006
ICOPlayStation 2"Mystical and pretty, and with a bit of retro-cool."Feb 19, 2003
LocoRocoPSP"Nippon Charm Overload"Mar 16, 2008
Escape from Monkey IslandWindows"No. Not very good. Don't you dare make another one Lucasarts!"Jun 03, 2002
Kingpin: Life of CrimeWindows"Ordinary FPS dressed up in filth"Feb 01, 2006
Indigo ProphecyWindows"Original, movie-style game that's both retro and revolutionary. Stunning."Jan 06, 2006
Kana: Little SisterWindows"Please don't make me summarize this review..."Sep 30, 2003
Hotline MiamiWindows"Pure as the driven snow"Nov 29, 2012
Runaway CityDOS"Run away"Jan 03, 2006
Deus ExWindows"The best game ever, and even that doesn't do it justice."Jun 04, 2002
Thief: Deadly ShadowsWindows"The best yet. It's still "Thief" though, so if you're not a fan, stay well away."May 26, 2005
System Shock 2Windows"The greatest and most harrowing experience in games yet."Jun 02, 2002
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