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TRON 2.0Windows"Absolutely beautiful! And TRONtastic in every way."Oct 21, 2003
Alien LegacyDOS"A great story of a little seedship... well, at least if you have the CDROM version"Aug 19, 2003
Aliens Versus Predator 2Windows"Alien Movie. Predator Movie. It's all Weyland-Yutani's fault that I'm so scared!"Sep 23, 2003
StarscapeWindows"Asteroids mixed with Tyrian and throw in resource gathering for good measure"May 17, 2006
Alien³SNES"Bad Movie Conversion... Fun Game... Go Figure!"Dec 09, 2005
Strike Commander (CD-ROM Edition)DOS"Chris Roberts creates an enjoyable world of mercenaries and jet fighter pilots. Just please don't play off of floppy."Apr 11, 2004
SimCopterWindows"Great Game. Poor Graphics."Sep 21, 2003
Super Smash Bros.: MeleeGameCube"I used to dream about a game like this when I was a kid. Thank you Nintendo for making it come true (again)!"Sep 27, 2003
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden WarpshipNES"Lunar Lander's revenge comes with equipable ships!"Nov 04, 2004
New HorizonsSNES"Maritime Exploration... Superior to it's predesessor in every way..."Jul 20, 2003
The Simpsons WrestlingPlayStation"Play it because you want more Simpsons quotes in your life... NOT because you want a good wrestling game"Sep 25, 2003
Soul BlazerSNES"Save the soul of a king, a dog or a flower...!"Apr 11, 2004
Diablo IIWindows"Some GREAT cinematics hint at a storyline that's absent throughout most of the Hack 'm Slash simplicity."Sep 23, 2003
Return to ZorkDOS"The Encyclopedia Frobozzica manual is more entertaining than the game."Jul 25, 2005
Outpost 2: Divided DestinyWindows"The thrill and adrenaline rush of a desperate evacuation!"Apr 11, 2004
Star Wars: Yoda StoriesWindows"This game is what it is... a Solitaire Killer"Jul 20, 2003