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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Duck HuntNES"A great NES game except for this annoying mutt"May 28, 2014
GargoylesGenesis"A licensed Disney classic that doesn't suck"May 18, 2012
BayonettaPlayStation 3"All Bayonetta, All the time!"Mar 10, 2011
Resident Evil 3: NemesisPlayStation"A Stalker's Best Friend"Aug 31, 2011
Golden Axe: Beast RiderPlayStation 3"A tragic end to a familiar and popular franchise"Apr 05, 2012
Mortal KombatSNES"A watered-down Genesis clone of MK "Apr 07, 2014
E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialAtari 2600"E.T.: 30 years later and still resides in a landfill. "Jul 27, 2013
SupermanNintendo 64"From Hero to Zero!"Oct 12, 2011
Rumble RosesPlayStation 2"Girls Gone Wild. DOA does it, so does Rumble Roses"Feb 28, 2012
Final Fight: "Streetwise"PlayStation 2"It's time for a REAL reboot of the franchise."Dec 11, 2011
Tomb RaiderPlayStation""Lara Croft, the First Lady of Playstation""Mar 20, 2011
Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation"Nobody beats Final Fantasy like Square"Sep 02, 2011
WWF in Your HousePlayStation"One of the first and only worst WWF games in years"Oct 15, 2012
Burnout: RevengePlayStation 2"Revenge is sweet"Jun 04, 2012
Resident EvilPlayStation""The logo that started it all""May 26, 2011
Street Fighter: The MoviePlayStation"The movie still rocks, but the game sucks"Aug 03, 2012
Tomb RaiderPlayStation 3"The Queen is finally back on her throne."Jan 14, 2014
The Tomb Raider TrilogyPlayStation 3"Three fantastic games, one legend, one low price!"Oct 17, 2011
Tony Hawk: ShredPlayStation 3"What A Way To Ruin The Tony Hawk Franchise, Activision."May 31, 2014
X-Men: DestinyPlayStation 3"Why mutants, Why?"Jan 21, 2012