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Mass Effect 2Xbox 360"A great RPG that is only slightly weaker than the first one"Jan 02, 2012
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake EaterPlayStation 2"A gripping espionage thriller, and a great game as well!"Jan 13, 2012
GoldenEye: Rogue AgentPlayStation 2"A shooter so mediocre that it's an achievement in its own right"Jan 13, 2012
Mass EffectXbox 360"A space odyssey of epic proportions"Jan 02, 2012
The Godfather: The GamePlayStation 2"A valiant effort, but..."Jan 02, 2012
Mass Effect 3Xbox 360"Bioware's worst, and yet still a good game at heart"Dec 16, 2012
DOOM³Windows"Demons and zombies are coming, prepare to be bored"Dec 19, 2012
Pokémon White VersionNintendo DS"Despite the familiarity, it still might be the best Pok√©mon game ever"Jan 13, 2012
Worms 3DPlayStation 2"Even when watered down, Worms still tastes delicious"Jan 13, 2012
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertyPlayStation 2"In spite of, or maybe because of, its many controversial aspects, the game is definitely one of the best ever made"Dec 16, 2012
Duke Nukem: Time to KillPlayStation"Not quite the Duke I knew"Jan 13, 2012
Grand Theft Auto IVXbox 360"One of the biggest disappointments ever"Jan 13, 2012
Half-Life 2Windows"Perhaps not the best game ever, but definitely a shining beacon of light in the dull gray of the fps genre"Dec 19, 2012
Pokémon White Version 2Nintendo DS"Possibly even better than its predecessor, with no added fan bonus"Dec 19, 2012
Sam & Max: Hit the RoadDOS"The "Life of Brian" of video games"Jan 02, 2012
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsPlayStation 3"Where the series went wrong..."Dec 16, 2012
Mirror's EdgeXbox 360"With a little more effort, it would have been awesome, but alas..."Dec 19, 2012