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Catz II: Your Virtual PetzWindows"A cute software toy, but one that wears thin..."Dec 08, 2002
Battlezone II: Combat CommanderWindows"...a FPS and an RTS? In the SAME GAME?"Dec 12, 2002
Vigilante 8PlayStation"A great way to work off some road rage...and better than Twisted Metal!"Dec 07, 2002
Resident EvilWindows"Almost the first, and STILL one of the best..."Dec 12, 2002
StartopiaWindows"An excellent game... with ONE fatal flaw!"Jan 07, 2003
Resident Evil 2Windows"A worthy sequel."Dec 12, 2002
Zenfar: The AdventureWindows"Being able to program a game does NOT make you a game programmer."Aug 03, 2003
Vigilante 8: 2nd OffensePlayStation"Even better than its predecessor."Dec 07, 2002
The Sims: Hot DateWindows"Finally: Sims get to leave the house!"Dec 08, 2002
The Sims: House PartyWindows"For Sims diehards, largely..."Dec 08, 2002
KISS: Psycho Circus - The Nightmare ChildWindows"Great idea, mediocre execution"Dec 07, 2002
Freedom ForceWindows"If Jack Kirby had been a programmer, this would be his game..."Dec 07, 2002
Crimson SkiesWindows"Indiana Jones and the Barnstormers from Hell!"May 21, 2003
Return to Castle WolfensteinWindows"Not QUITE a classic... but quite good."Dec 23, 2002
Resident Evil 3: NemesisWindows"Not the best in the series..."Dec 12, 2002
Star Trek: Starship Creator Warp IIWindows"Only For The Hardcore Trekkies"Dec 07, 2002
Redneck Rampage Rides AgainDOS"Pack your speedloaders, and check your brain at the door..."Dec 07, 2002
Stephen King's F13: Ctrl, Alt, ...ShiverWindows"Peachy, if you're a King fan..."Dec 07, 2002
American McGee's AliceWindows"Style over substance... but that's not COMPLETELY bad..."Dec 12, 2002
The Typing of the DeadWindows"The greatest typing tutor ever programmed."Dec 07, 2002
Emergency Rescue: FirefightersWindows"Yes... it's that bad."May 21, 2003
Dungeon Keeper 2Windows"YOU are the Dungeon..."Dec 07, 2002
Night TrapSEGA CD"You are trapped in a cheesy '80s horror movie..."Jun 18, 2003
WarCraft III: Reign of ChaosWindows"You'll either love it or hate it..."Dec 09, 2002