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Maury Markowitz

Reviews written
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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Out of This WorldDOS"A classic in every sense of the word"Nov 05, 2001
Iron HelixWindows 3.x"A harbinger of things to come"Aug 27, 2002
Allied GeneralWindows"A simple followup to Panzer General"Nov 07, 2001
Dark Reign: The Future of WarWindows"A terrible, terrible game"Aug 26, 2002
Panzer General III: Scorched EarthWindows"Best of the series?"Aug 27, 2002
Close Combat: A Bridge Too FarWindows"Best of the series, by far"Aug 26, 2002
V for Victory: Market GardenDOS"Best of the series, this is the one to play"Sep 17, 2002
Panzer General 3D AssaultWindows"Better than II, but somewhat lacking"Aug 26, 2002
V for Victory: Velikiye LukiDOS"Boring, sadly"Apr 11, 2006
DiabloWindows"Click, click, click, clickity-click, click - BORRRING!"Nov 05, 2001
Submarine CommanderAtari 8-bit"First real simulation game worth playing"Nov 05, 2015
V for Victory: Gold-Juno-SwordDOS"For some odd reason, this isn't as fun as Utah"Sep 17, 2002
Combat Command 2: Danger ForwardWindows"Gastly!"Sep 13, 2002
Spaceward Ho! IVMacintosh"Great, fast paced 4X game"Apr 25, 2014
Mig AlleyWindows"Great flight-sim, but like all modern ones the holes are distracting"Sep 20, 2001
Hostage: Rescue MissionDOS"Great game, although some annoying features"Aug 27, 2002
Caverns of MarsAtari 8-bit"Great game, but a bad Scramble"Oct 05, 2012
Iron HelixMacintosh"Great idea, but zero replay value"Sep 25, 2009
Star Trek: The Rebel UniverseAtari ST"Great idea, moderate execution"Sep 22, 2009
Imperium GalacticaDOS"Great idea? Or just weird?"Aug 13, 2000
Pax ImperiaMacintosh"Great ideas, almost great execution"Jul 30, 2011
BrataccasAtari ST"Great idea, terrible implementation"May 07, 2007
Halo: Combat EvolvedWindows"Hey look, it's Marathon 4!"Dec 31, 2003
OutpostWindows 3.x"Horrifying, this game shouldn't have been allowed to be released"Oct 17, 2001
The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, ViciDOS"Interesting concepts, but annoying in the end"May 19, 2006
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