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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Oh No! More LemmingsDOS"An absolute classic"Dec 07, 2001
3-D Ultra PinballWindows"An excellent pinball simulation"Feb 15, 2001
Railroad Tycoon IIWindows"An excellent sequel to an excellent game"Sep 20, 2001
Plane CrazyWindows"Bizzare plane racing game"Feb 26, 2001
Lemmings 3DDOS"Brings a whole new dimension to the world of Lemmings."Jan 09, 2001
International Rally ChampionshipWindows"Excellent follow up to Rally Championship"Mar 05, 2001
Network Q RAC Rally ChampionshipDOS"Excellent recreation of the RAC British Rally"Apr 28, 2004
SimGolfWindows"Good golfing sim which comes with a (somewhat difficult) course editor where you can create your own golf courses to play on"May 12, 2001
Transport Tycoon DeluxeDOS"In one line; A Great Game"Jan 02, 2001
Monopoly TycoonWindows"Is it Monopoly? ... or is it SimCity?"Jul 19, 2003
TropicoWindows"It would have been better if there had been more scenarios to play on"Jul 27, 2001
SimCity 2000: CD CollectionWindows 3.x"No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't enjoy it"Sep 20, 2001
FroggerWindows"Not bad, but not good either."Jan 12, 2001
Screamer RallyDOS"Not the best rally simulation ever"Jan 31, 2001
Return FireWindows"One of my all time favourites"Apr 28, 2004
WhiplashDOS"One of the best racing games I've ever played"Jan 22, 2001
Mobil 1 Rally ChampionshipWindows"Quite possibly the best motor racing game ever!"Apr 11, 2001
Stellar 7DOS"The first PC game I ever played...and it was great!"Jan 18, 2002
Traffic GiantWindows"To me, the game seemed unfinished"Jul 25, 2001
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000Windows"Very advanced but complex flight simulator"May 07, 2001