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ActRaiserSNES"A dull simulation game and an okayish platformer tie neatly together for a surprisingly entertaining experience."Apr 07, 2008
Super Punch-Out!!SNES"A silly action game provides first-class strategic depth and exploration? The hell?"Dec 20, 2007
The Lords of MidnightZX Spectrum"A simple, conceptually derivative, yet brilliantly presented gem."Apr 06, 2008
Master of MagicDOS"Boundless yet sorely limited. Bursting with awesome variety and damnable tedium. An imaginative triumph that's an unbalanced mess."Jun 30, 2008
ContraNES"Congratulations! You've designed the best run-and-gun platformer in the universe. Consider yourselves heroes."Dec 12, 2009
Chrono TriggerSNES"Derivative! Simplistic! Two traits that help make this a supreme classic for all time."Nov 25, 2009
Trust and Betrayal: The Legacy of SibootMacintosh"Exalts NPC interaction to near sublimity, with all the bumps of the boldly blazed trail it represents"Jan 02, 2008
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkNES"Nowhere to run but left and right in this Zelda game--and it's a masterpiece"Sep 05, 2004
Super MetroidSNES"On a planet with this much intoxicating atmosphere, you're gonna need that space suit!"Apr 21, 2008
StarflightDOS"Snerg snerg snerg, and by the shimmering ball! This is the greatest game of all time."Dec 25, 2007
BioForgeDOS"So I broke into this guy's cell, then beat him to death with his own severed arm..."Dec 14, 2007
X-COM: UFO DefenseDOS"The definitive classic of multi-genre gaming. Master chef Gollop mixes all the ingredients perfectly, and simply."Dec 18, 2007
Ghosts 'N GoblinsNES"The legendary difficulty of this title is balanced by great gameplay"Aug 06, 2004
Master of OrionDOS"The pinnacle of 4x gaming, infinitely playable even today, and one of the only empire games that eats formulaic players for breakfast"May 30, 2008
Out of This WorldDOS"This game is the holy grail of classy presentation and elegant gameplay"Aug 08, 2004