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Operation Body CountDOS"Again, not nearly as bad as people say it is."Jun 09, 2006
FBI Hostage RescueWindows"An unplayable, kiddish mess."Dec 21, 2005
Drake of the 99 DragonsXbox"An unplayable, uncontrollable, and absolutely horrible mess of a game."May 10, 2006
FlatOutXbox"Aside from the cool mini-games, this was a "FlatOut" waste of my time."Apr 24, 2006
World War II Combat: Road to BerlinXbox"A WWII game so horrible, the Allied soldiers shoot at you instead of the Axis."Mar 13, 2006
Descent to UndermountainDOS"The game that inspired laziness in the game industry."Jun 03, 2006
Mad Dog McCreeWindows"FMV video means nothing when a game is this bad."May 03, 2006
Terminator 3: War of the MachinesWindows"How could this garbage have gotten past Governator Ah-Nuld?"Mar 16, 2006
Far Cry: VengeanceWii"In the end, you'll only be "crying" over how awful this installment is."Feb 16, 2007
NAMDOS"It's not that bad!"Jan 30, 2007
Terrawars: NY InvasionWindows"No, this is the worst game to ever see the light of day."Sep 27, 2006
StolenWindows"Not at all worth stealing, let alone existing..."Dec 21, 2005
Island PerilDOS"One of the worst first-person shooters ever made. Avoid at all costs."Jun 10, 2006
Battlefield 2: Modern CombatXbox"Quite simply, an amazing achievement in modern war games, and the best excuse to get Xbox Live."Jan 23, 2006
Corridor 7: Alien InvasionDOS"Stop trash-talking this game!"Mar 05, 2006
PreyWindows"The best first-person shooter ever made, ever."Jul 14, 2006
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of ChernobylWindows"The best game ever made, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sets a new standard in the genre."Apr 07, 2007
PariahXbox"The most enjoyable first-person shooter since Halo 2."Feb 25, 2006
Combat: Task Force 121Xbox"There are even much better budget titles in the genre than this pathetically bland run-n-gun shooter."Mar 10, 2006
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Game Boy Advance"The worst fighting game ever, on any platform. Avoid at all costs."Mar 18, 2006
Rise of the RobotsDOS"The worst fighting game ever on the PC. Avoid at all costs."May 28, 2006
FlatOut 2Xbox"This follow-up to FlatOut still sucks."Aug 02, 2006
World War II Combat: Iwo JimaXbox"This is the worst game to ever see the light of day. Ever."Aug 10, 2006
FroggerWindows"Yet another awful arcade remake..."Feb 28, 2006
RoboCopXbox"Yet another HORRIBLE game from the worst developers ever..."Feb 26, 2006