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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Ravenloft: Strahd's PossessionDOS"3D RPG set in Ravenloft world"Jun 01, 2001
FateWindows"A 3D version of Dungeon Crawl"Jan 11, 2007
Etrom: The Astral EssenceWindows"A big disappointment, esp. since there's nothing new here."Dec 01, 2007
Al-Qadim: The Genie's CurseDOS"A cool single-player RPG"Jun 01, 2001
Exile III: Ruined WorldWindows 3.x"A instant classic"Jun 10, 2002
Street Fighting ManDOS"An decent game, although some implementations are far from perfect."Aug 30, 2007
Bad BloodDOS"An old-school post-apocalyptic adventure"Oct 17, 2001
XargonDOS"Another classic by Epic"May 30, 2001
Icarus: Sanctuary of the GodsWindows"An RPG that had great potential and promise..."May 30, 2001
American McGee's AliceWindows"A truly magnificent gaming experience"Feb 28, 2002
AvernumWindows"Exile: Escape from the Pit with better graphics"Jun 10, 2002
The Complete Ultima VIIDOS"Great RPG Classic"May 26, 2001
Dark Sun: Shattered LandsDOS"Great RPG set in AD&D world"Jun 01, 2001
4D Prince of PersiaDOS"Great Side-Scrolling Action/Puzzle"Nov 15, 2001
Realms of ChaosDOS"Here's an interesting spin: a 2-character action game with an RPG-ish feel."May 30, 2001
Tyrian 2000DOS"One of the best top-down shooters of all time!"Mar 22, 2006
Sacred PlusWindows"Same as Sacred, but with a few additions"Jan 26, 2006
ZorroDOS"Side-scrolling Prince of Persia like action"May 30, 2001
GuiltyDOS"The hilarious sequel to Innocent Until Caught"May 30, 2001
Ravenloft: Stone ProphetDOS"The sequel to Strahd's Possession, Stone Prophet is pretty much the same, though it adds a few more elements."Jun 01, 2001
Dark Sun: Wake of the RavagerDOS"The solid sequel to Dark Sun: Shattered Lands"Jun 01, 2001
Meat PuppetWindows"Third-person isometric futuristic shooter"Jun 01, 2001
Mage Knight: ApocalypseWindows"Wow! It's...it's...it's just...plain..."Sep 23, 2007