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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
WarCraft II: Tides of DarknessDOS"A genre inside of itself"Jan 15, 2001
Extreme PinballDOS"Allright, I guess..."Apr 12, 2000
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightPlayStation"Best in the series"Dec 23, 2001
Rage of MagesWindows"Better than I expected"Jan 14, 2001
Ultima Online: Third DawnWindows"Full of glitches- not for everyone"Jan 29, 2002
RollerCoaster TycoonWindows"Good game, more or less."Apr 13, 2000
Wolfenstein 3DDOS"I'm a little partial to this game because you kill nazis in it."Apr 12, 2000
Ultima Online: RenaissanceWindows"I mean, this is a really REALLY good game!"Jan 15, 2001
SanitariumWindows"Insane... Adictively insane"Jan 22, 2001
SoulbringerWindows"It's like Diablo... Without the monotony!"Jan 23, 2001
Silent HillPlayStation"Man, this game is WIERD"Jun 06, 2001
Icewind DaleWindows"Not just another overrated RPG"Dec 23, 2001
Final Fantasy VIIIPlayStation"Possibly the most underrated game ever"Jun 05, 2001
Descent: Freespace - The Great WarWindows"Screw star wars"May 26, 2001
Captain Comic II: Fractured RealityDOS"Strangely good"Apr 13, 2000
Final Fantasy TacticsPlayStation"The love child of Final Fantasy and Shakespear's Macbeth"Dec 23, 2001
NocturneWindows"This game sure is purdy... but that's about it."Dec 23, 2001
StarCraft: Battle ChestWindows"This is the Devil's favorite game"Jan 15, 2001
Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation"This is the game that made me buy playstation"Jun 05, 2001
Raptor: Call of the ShadowsDOS"This set the standards in '94."Apr 12, 2000
Dark AgesDOS"Well, it was good in '91..."Apr 12, 2000
Ultima IX: AscensionWindows"Well seeing as I could hardly even play it..."Jan 14, 2001
WarCraft: Orcs & HumansDOS"You'll like Warcraft II more if you play this first."Apr 11, 2000