18+ELSPA Rating : 18+

This means that the game or software is only suitable for adults (persons who have reached the age of 18 or over). It may include one or more of the following: strong scenes of graphic sex or violence; explicit language; nudity; use of drugs; derogatory stereotypes; domestic violence.

18+ is part of the ELSPA Rating category. ELSPA (the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association) was founded in 1989 to establish a specific and collective identity for the British computer and video games industry.


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Game TitleYearsorted in ascending orderPublisher
Vietcong20031C Company, 2K Games, Inc., Gathering of Developers, Inc., Gathering
Messiah20001C Company, Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Syphon Filter 22000989 Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.
BMX XXX2002Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Death Mask1994Alternative Software Ltd.
Clive Barker's Undying2001Aspyr Media, Inc., Electronic Arts, Inc., Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.
Duke Nukem 641997GT Interactive Software Corp., GT Interactive Software Europe Ltd.
Command & Conquer: Red Alert (The Collectors' Pack)1997Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.
DOOM II1994Activision Publishing, Inc., GT Interactive Software Corp., Bethesda Softworks LLC, CDV Software GmbH, id Software, Inc., Imagineer Co., Ltd., Tapwave, Inc.
The Thing2002Black Label Games, Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.
Powerslave1996BMG Interactive Entertainment, BMG Japan Inc., Playmates Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
The Getaway2002Capcom Co., Ltd., Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.
Wet Attack: The Empire Cums Back1999CDV Software Entertainment AG
Blade of Darkness2001Codemasters Software Company Limited, The, Friendware
Galerians1999ASCII Corporation, Crave Entertainment, Inc.
Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side1995Deep Water
The Orion Conspiracy1995Domark Software, Inc., Domark Software Ltd.
Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage1999ASCII Corporation, Eidos Interactive, Inc., Eidos, Inc.
Die Hard Trilogy1996Electronic Arts Victor, Fox Interactive, Inc., SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Tec Toy Indústria de Brinquedos S.A.
The Space Adventure1991Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Hudson Soft Company, Ltd.
Hunter: The Reckoning2002Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Adventure Hall of Fame1999Interplay Productions Ltd.
Tokimeki Check in!1999Crowd Co. Ltd., Peach Princess
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty2001Konami Corporation, Konami of Europe GmbH, Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH, Konami of America, Inc.
Metal Gear Solid / Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions2000Konami of Europe GmbH
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