3+ELSPA Rating : 3+

This means the game or software is suitable for all ages. Remember, however, that the ELSPA recommended age does not describe the difficulty or playability of the game itself, and some 3+ games may require skills that make it unsuitable for younger children.

3+ is part of the ELSPA Rating category. ELSPA (the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association) was founded in 1989 to establish a specific and collective identity for the British computer and video games industry.


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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPublisher
Pacific Islands1992Empire Software
Megafortress / Das Boot / Aces of the Great War1992Action Sixteen
Tennis Cup 21992Kixx, Loriciel SA
Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty1992Virgin Games, Ltd., Eclipse Productions, Hit Squad, The, Virgin Games, Inc.
Castles II: Siege & Conquest1992Interplay Productions, Inc., Interplay Entertainment Corp., Interplay Productions Ltd., MacPlay, Victor Entertainment Inc.
Striker1992Atlus Software Inc., Elite Systems Ltd., GBH Gold, Gremlin Interactive Limited, Rage Software Ltd., SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Campaign1992Action Sixteen, Empire Software
SimLife1992Maxis Software Inc., Mindscape International Ltd.
Kirby's Dream Land1992Nintendo Co., Ltd., Nintendo of America Inc., Nintendo of Europe GmbH
Road Rash II1992Electronic Arts, Inc., Electronic Arts Victor
Project-X1992Psygnosis Limited, Team 17 Software Limited
The Battle of Britain1992Deadly Games, Guildhall Leisure Services Ltd., Peanuts Software
Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings1992Psygnosis Limited, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Epic1992Ocean Software Ltd., Imagineer Co., Ltd.
Super All-Stars1992Codemasters Software Company Limited, The
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary1992Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Interplay Productions, Inc., Interplay Productions Ltd., MacPlay
Megafortress Mega Pak1992Action Replay, Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Wing Commander II: Deluxe Edition1992Electronic Arts, Inc., Fujitsu Interactive, ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton1991Electronic Arts Victor, Hudson Soft Company, Ltd., SEGA Enterprises Ltd., SNK Corporation, SNK Europe Ltd., Success Corp.
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts1991Capcom Co., Ltd., Capcom Entertainment, Inc., Capcom U.S.A., Inc., CE Europe Ltd., Playtronic Industrial Ltda.
David Leadbetter's Greens1991MicroProse Software, Inc., MicroProse Ltd.
Eye of the Beholder1991Capcom Co., Ltd., Capcom U.S.A., Inc., FCI, Kixx XL, Pony Canyon, Inc., SEGA of America, Inc., Strategic Simulations, Inc., U.S. Gold Ltd.
James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod1991American Softworks Corporation, Ocean Software Ltd., Eclipse Productions, Electronic Arts, Inc., Electronic Arts Victor, Millennium Interactive Ltd., Kixx, Play It Ltd., Tec Toy Indústria de Brinquedos S.A., U.S. Gold Ltd., Valcon Games LLC, Victor Entertainment Inc.
SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony1991Ocean Software Ltd., Imagineer Co., Ltd., Maxis Software Inc., Maxis UK Ltd., Mindscape International Ltd.
Elite Plus1991Action Sixteen, Empire Interactive Europe Ltd., Microplay Software, MicroProse Japan K.K., Rainbird Software
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