Sound Devices Supported : Tandy / PCjr

One of the evolutionary steps IBM took was embedding sound capabilities into the PCjr. The PCjr contained the TI-SN76496 3-voice sound chip, which could also produce a fourth noise channel. Most Tandy 1000 models have this chip as well, as they were clones of the PCjr.

You can hear examples of this chip at That Oldskool Beat, and can run programs that support it under Tand-Em, the Tandy 1000 emulator.

Tandy / PCjr is part of the Sound Devices Supported category.

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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPublisher
Paku Paku2011Paladin Systems North
The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, Vici (Demo Version)1996Blue Byte Studio GmbH
MegaTraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy + MegaTraveller 2: Quest for the Ancients1996Empire Interactive Europe Ltd.
Duke Nukem 3D19963D Realms Entertainment, Inc., GT Interactive Software Corp., FormGen, Inc.
Pipe Mania!! / Volfied1996Empire Interactive Europe Ltd.
The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, Vici1996Blue Byte Software GmbH, Blue Byte Studio GmbH
Nemesis: The Wizardry Adventure1996Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
They Call Me... The Skul1996SoftKey Multimedia Inc., The Learning Company, Inc.
Twilight 2000 & Space 18891996Empire Interactive Entertainment
The Gene Machine1996Vic Tokai Europe Ltd., Vic Tokai, Inc.
WWF in Your House1996Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Hariboy's Quest1996Haribo
The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (Demo Version)1995Bethesda Softworks LLC
Advanced Civilization1995The Avalon Hill Game Company
Albion1995Blue Byte Software, Inc., Blue Byte Software GmbH & Co. KG, Blue Byte Software GmbH
EF 20001995Infogrames do Brasil Ltda., Ocean Software Ltd.
SimClassics: Maxis Collections 21995Maxis UK Ltd.
Sensible World of Soccer: European Championship Edition1995Renegade Software
Prince of Persia CD Collection1995Brøderbund Software, Inc.
The Bitmap Brothers Compilation1995Renegade Software
5 Pack: Limited Edition1995Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
The Bard's Quest: Dungeons of the Unknown1994
Battle Isle 22001994Accolade, Inc., Blue Byte Software GmbH
Undersea Adventure1994Knowledge Adventure, Inc., Edusoft SA
Serf City: Life is Feudal1994Blue Byte Software GmbH & Co. KG, Blue Byte Software GmbH, Dice Multi Media Europe B.V., Novitas GmbH, Strategic Simulations, Inc.
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