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Input Devices Supported : Joystick (Digital)

Truly "digital" joysticks, in the DOS realm, can be thought of as Atari joysticks--simple 4-directional joysticks with a single fire button--that can be connected to the computer. The appeal of such setups was the elimination of joystick calibration; with digital joysticks, you're either pushing the stick, or you're not.

Some companies, like Banana Software Development, supported this setup, although you had to build a simple device to attach the Atari-style joystick to the parallel port of the PC. Some other computers supported "digital" joysticks natively, like the Amstrad PC.

Joystick (Digital) is part of the Input Devices Supported category. Input devices supported by games in order to enhance gameplay or offer alternate way of controls, but are not necessary in order to fully play the game.

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sorted in ascending orderGame TitleYearPublisher
Battle Probe1988Crysys
Battleship1987Elite Systems Ltd., Encore, Epyx, Inc., Prism Leisure Corporation Plc
Battle Ship Clapton II1984Toshiba Corporation
Battle Ships1989Mirage Software
Battles of Time1993Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Battle Space1995Akson Software
Battle Squadron1989Cope-com, Electronic Arts, Inc., Global Software, Innerprise Software, Inc., Seal of Action Publishing
Battlestar1987Tynesoft Computer Software
Battlestations1988Addictive Games Ltd
Battle Stations1990Innerprise Software, Inc., Magic Bytes
Battlestations: Midway20071C Company, Cenega Poland Sp. z o.o., Feral Interactive Ltd., Eidos Interactive Limited
Battlestorm1990Titus France SA, Titus Software Corporation
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception1988Infocom, Inc.
Battle Through Time1984Advantage Computer Accessories, Inc., Artworx Software Company, Inc.
Battletoads1991Masaya, Mindscape International Ltd., Playtronic Industrial Ltda., Rare, Ltd., SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Tec Toy Indústria de Brinquedos S.A., Tradewest, Inc.
Battle Valley1988Hewson Consultants Ltd., Rack-It
Battlezone1980Atari Corporation, Atari, Inc., Atarisoft, Quicksilva Ltd., Microsoft Game Studios
Batty1987Dennis Publishing, Elite Systems Ltd., Encore
Bay•Route1989SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Bazooka Bill1985Melbourne House, Ricochet
B.C. Bill1984Imagine Software, Imagine
B.C. II: Grog's Revenge1984Coleco (Canada) Limitée, Erbe Software, S.A., Sierra On-Line, Inc.
BC's Quest for Tires1983Sierra On-Line, Inc., Software Projects Ltd., Toshiba-EMI Ltd.
Beach-Head1983Americana Software Limited, Amsoft, Eaglesoft, Entersoft Ltd, France Image Logiciel, Access Software, Inc., Olivetti Prodest, U.S. Gold Ltd.
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