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Sound Devices Supported : Game Blaster (CMS)

The Creative Music System, later marketed by Radio Shack as Game Blaster, was Creative Lab's first sound board for the PC (the Sound Blaster was actually their second card). The best way to describe the CMS was to call it 'a Tandy/PCjr sound chip on steroids' -- it had mostly the same tonal quality as the former, but was 12 voices instead of three and each voice could be panned left or right for stereo effects.

Game Blaster (CMS) is part of the Sound Devices Supported category.

You are currently viewing games for DOS that are marked as Sound Devices Supported : Game Blaster (CMS).
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sorted in descending orderGame TitleYearPublisher
Xenocide1990Micro Revelations, Inc.
Wolf Pack1990Brøderbund Software, Inc., Electronic Arts, Inc., Mirrorsoft Ltd., Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
Wing Commander & Ultima VI: The False Prophet1991ORIGIN Systems, Inc., Software Toolworks, Inc., The
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi1991ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Windwalker1989ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Ultima VI: The False Prophet1990GameTap LLC, ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Ultima: The Second Trilogy1992ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Trump Castle II1991Capstone Software
Times of Lore1988ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Test Drive III: The Passion1990Accolade, Inc.
Strike Aces1989Accolade, Inc., Activision (UK) Limited
Stratego1990Accolade, Inc.
Stormovik: SU-25 Soviet Attack Fighter1990Electronic Arts, Inc.
Star Control1990Accolade, Inc.
Spot1990Virgin Mastertronic Ltd., Virgin Mastertronic International, Inc.
Spirit of Excalibur1990Virgin Games, Ltd., Virgin Mastertronic Ltd., Virgin Games, Inc.
The Space Quest Trilogy: Roger Wilco the Other World Series1992Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers1991Kixx XL, Sierra On-Line, Inc., Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter1991Kixx XL, Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon1989Kixx XL, Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Sorcerian1990Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Silpheed1989Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye1990Activision, Inc.
The Secret of Monkey Island1990Kixx XL, Lucasfilm Games LLC, Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
Sargon V: World Class Chess1991Activision, Inc.
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